LAST CHANCE TO CHILL | weekend post cards

I wasn't sure about posting a weekend post cards this week because I really don't have a lot to show. Although I did do a little photography at my parents' on the if you're super bored, please read lol!

I think I've mentioned many times that September was going to be a hectic month for me. It's so true - I've been on one trip so far and I'm already exhausted lol. This weekend was our only 'free' weekend this month. I had wanted to go away somewhere and make the most of it, but Bryon hadn't seen his friends in forever and wanted to make time for them. On Friday night I met my friend Ian for dinner at The Keg Mansion and came home to have a chill night with B. In the end I needed this weekend at home because the next couple weeks are so insane.

Saturday we ran errands - we both needed something to wear to the New Zealand wedding, so we went shopping and then went to meet Bryon's friends for dinner. Well, the wine got flowing and I decided to make a full night out of it by meeting up with my cousin and her roommate at a bar around the corner from our condo. B wasn't in the mood to go out. We had a few more drinks before I realized Sunday wasn't going to be a funday for me hahaha. It wasn't. But we made plans to visit my brother at his new house. We ordered pizza and watched The Walking Dead, which was actually great for my aching head. Our paddleboards have taken up WAY too much space in our little condo and my parents offered to store them for the winter, so we also went there and stayed for dinner so we could visit them. It was probably my most chill weekend of the summer hahaha.

Considering nothing overly excited happened, all I have are the photos below to look at it. I hope they brighten your day. I do have a fashion post on THURSDAY!! So make sure you come back and read it

<3 Caitlin

above: Charlotte, although she looks grumpy she is the sweetest most lovable and cuddly little cat.

(above: fresh veggies from mom's garden)