So, you're going to a festival? (I know, everyone is talking about TIFF and NYFW and TFW...sorry)

Whether it's a fall festival or summer festival, packing for these things aren't easy. Especially if you plan on camping. You have to prepare for weather of all kinds and also beer spillage, muddy shoes, wet jeans, no where to wash your face etc. I happen to be good at this whole festival thing, and I'm here to help. Festivals are great for fashion lovers because you can completely embrace festival fashion. I usually scale back and wear what's comfortable, but still not sacrificing style.

I'm going to upcoming festival 3 hours outside of Seattle next weekend. While I'm not fully accustomed to fall music festivals, last weekend has fully prepared me this one. I thought I would pass my knowledge on to you crazy kids.


Up top, we have a selection of clothing options. Notice how I left out rompers and body suits. This is for good reason. While both are cute, they are not cute at a festival when you're trying to go to the washroom. Just don't bring them.

In the fall, the weather is extra unpredictable. Cold nights, sometimes cold days, rain, heat..it's all there. The key to survival...layering options!

I recommend either a skirt, or a pair of high waisted jeans. If it rains, these are great option because if it rains, the last thing want to do is walk around in wet jeans. Trust me, I've been there. A cute dress is also a great option because you can throw on a sweater or jacket if it gets cold. In the fall denim jackets (how rad is that one!), leather jackets or even this adorable suede jacket are really great options for when it gets cold in the evenings. You'll look super rad.

Layering sweaters and tops are your best bet to stay comfortable during the day if it gets cold. A chambray like THIS one or a flannel shirt is always a great choice. Tops that can be layered are also great. I don't think I need to tell you guys that I'm obsessed with Henley shirts, but they are SO easy to layer and they look hot. You can still get away with cute crop tops and flouncy tops that are girly. Throw a jacket over them and they look even better.


Be smart with your footwear. That is all I have to say. Wedges and heels are big no-no unless you want to completely destroy them or be uber uncomfortable. In a dry setting, you can likely get away with booties and flat booties (these are on sale), but just check the weather. Because if rains you can kiss them goodbye. Sneakers are your best bet, whether they are Converse or anything else, they are perfect. If there is a chance of rain, PACK YO HUNTERS! Seriously, you will thank me later. As for purses, leave Louis and Gucci at home for the weekend and get yourself a good cross body bag like this one or this one. Make sure that it has a zipper so you don't lose anything :)

If you are camping, you're options for looking good are going to be limited. First off, hair dryers are non-existent, so only wash your hair unless absolutely necessary (dry shampoo for days!!). If you have to, use a volume product like this one. Hair necessities like bobby pins, extra hair elastics, etc are a God-send. I love the idea of this emergency hair kit. Next, your skin is going to be pissed at you all weekend. I can assure you. You will wake up looking like an 80 year old. When that happens, I grab some water or coconut water and chug. Then, I use this Too Faced Hangover primer because it literally brings life back into my face. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye will be your saviour. Sunscreen and face wipes are an obvious. The two I linked are the products I rely on. If things get really bad, pack a couple of these Murad peels...they cure everything. And LASTLY, bring some eye masks unless you want to look like the crypt keeper all weekend. And that's all I have to say about that.


Maybe it's because i'm 32, but when I see girls running around in their underwear at these things I want to tell them they're going to get pneumonia. I've had it and it's not worth it. Put some damn clothes on. At night it gets cold. You're in an open field, likely in the middle of nowhere. It's not going to be a scorcher at night. Leggings, track pants, warm sweaters, a long sleeve top are a necessity for ensuring you get a good sleep and a warm sleep. DO NOT forget flip flops for the shower.

Other things to bring include a poncho (duh) and consider some vitmains to keep you healthy for the weekend. Vitamin C, vitamin A, B12, Vitamin E, and my usual calcium carbonate and vitamin D. Talk to your doctor about taking any vitamins first! What's good for me, may not be good for you. However, these help keep my immune system up. Music festivals tend to shut it down for me. There's SO many people, the washrooms are disgusting, you're not getting enough sleep, you're probably drinking...it's almost guaranteed you will get a little cold at the least. So prepare yourself.

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Happy Festivus! <3 Caitlin