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Hi all!

I hope you had an AWESOME long weekend. I went to New York from Friday-Monday to visit one of my besties. She moved to New York permanently a couple months ago, and it's great for me because now I have an excuse to go to NYC, but it also sucks that I don't get to see her as often. Anyway, we got tickets to go to Electric Zoo, it's an EDM festival (yes, I sometimes still go to these...not often, but when I get invited I say yes). That aside, it was great to meet Jenn's friends and see the city from a less touristy perspective. I find that when I go I'm checking out landmarks or making my way to Times Square. I flew into Newark and took the train to Madison Square...it was WAY less hectic than taking a cab into the city, I will tell you that.

All in all it was a great time. The festival was so much fun, and despite being a Torontonian I have NEVER seen Deadmau5 live before, and he was the closer, so it was cool to see that. (I have a very well-rounded appreciation for various genres of music). On Friday night we went to a rooftop patio where they served Froze´ - which is amazing by the way, and then made our way over to a house party in I don't know what neighbourhood, but it was fun. New York has this thing with fire escapes, and I somehow ended up climbing a ladder to the roof along with several other people (hence the cut on my leg in the photo above).

I was never really the biggest fan of NYC to be honest. Probably because I'm not much of a tourist, and I feel like unless you know someone in the place you're visiting, you're going to stick to the tourist areas - and that just doesn't do it for me. Although I LOVE Central Park. Being with Jenn gave me a new appreciation for this city. Seeing the different neighbourhoods and finding quiet streets. I love how the character of the buildings have been so well preserved. Toronto doesn't do this. Here, it's all about building something new...tearing down and then building. It's quite sad.

I have an absolutely insane month ahead of me. This weekend we have plans with Bryon's friends and then we plan on going to my brother's new house for a BBQ. Plus, my hockey league is starting up again, so I may be playing on Sunday. The weekend after that I go to Seattle - Jenn and I were asked to go to another music festival. They're giving us VIP glamping and it looks pretty cool. And after that NEW ZEALAND WITH BRYON!

Any exciting September plans for you guys?

Have a fabulous week!

<3 Caitlin

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