I know I’ve gone a little off track with my blogging. I’ve been way less consistent, but that will change after September. I am happy to bring back a little bit of cooking for you guys. Especially since school is starting. Kids are going to school, college / university students are getting ready for another semester and I have no idea why, but it feels like work is starting again too hahaha. I guess things just change a little for everyone this time of year.

When we went camping, it was so important that we had meals that were easy to make. i.e. easy to heat up on the frying pan. There were two meals I prepped from our trip last weekend that I was going to share regardless, but I thought they would be great meals to have on hand for the weeks or days when you know you’re not going to have time to cook.

Canadian Mac And Cheese

This mac and cheese is amazing on so many levels. One: it tastes amazing – like really really good. Two: it’s the fastest mac and cheese you will ever make.

Here in Canada we don’t believe in Velveeta. That stuff is disgusting, but I know a lot of American’s in the south LOOOOOVE using it for mac and cheese. You can ignore it for this recipe.

What you need:

Elbow macaroni

About 2 cups of grated cheese (I used garlic cheddar and Monterrey Jack)

A jar of Alfredo Sauce


Panko Crumbs


Maple Bacon


Boil the pasta in water until it’s al dente or cooked how you like it. Drain the pasta and then put it back in the pot.

While the pasta is cooking, you can start to fry the maple bacon on the frying pan. If you can’t find maple bacon, you make your own –it’s just a bit messier. After the bacon has been fried, you can pour a little maple syrup on it (I recommend Canadian Maple Syrup because it’s the best) and rub it into each strip and then let it absorb for about 10-15 minutes). Once the bacon has cooled slightly you can chop it up into pieces.

Add in the cheese and a little over half of the jar of alfredo sauce and start mixing it around until the cheese has melted. You may want to stir in a little milk to make the sauce less thick, depending on how much cheese you have added. You can then add in the chopped maple bacon.

Once everything is mixed in, place the mac and cheese in a square pan. You can then sprinkle the panko crumbs on top and add a little pepper. What you do with it next is up to you. You can eat it right then and there, or you can put in the fridge for later. Bake it or have it heated up on the frying pan (tastes amazing!!). It’s not a good for you meal, but it’s a good meal lol.

The Spicy Hawaiian Sammy

These were delivious. They were a great lunch / snack while we were camping and I would totally make these at home using the oven. I prepped them before which really helped, so you can always have them on hand. I don’t recommend adding the pineapple to the sandwich until you’re ready to heat it up.

What You Need:

Dinner Rolls / Buns

Spicy Salami

Sliced Pineapple

Havarti Cheese

Assemble the sandwich by adding the salami and cheese, and when you’re ready to eat them, you can add the pineapple.

Wrap the sandwich in tin foil, creating a little pocket for it.

We heated them up over the campfire, but you could absolutely heat them up in the oven too. It took about 15 minutes over the fire believe it or not, but in the oven I imagine it would take less time. With the oven, I would just warn those about to eat them that the pineapple may be hot, so you’ll want to warn the one eating them.

And that’s it guys! If you make either of these, please let me know how it turned out for you! Tomorrow there will be a FriYay Affordables up…yayers!

Hope you loved this cooking post!

<3 Caitlin