The last weekend of August. A bitter-sweet moment...mostly bitter because this summer has sucked as I've previously ranted. We went camping (again), this time at Killbear Provincial Park. Still on Georgian Bay, but the waters are not that stunning tropical colour we had in Tobermory. It was much chillier this time too, so there wasn't a ton of water-related excursions. We took our boards out yesterday and watched the kids cliff jump fearlessly...and then pop their heads up to complain about how cold the water was in between hyper-ventilated breaths. Um, yea, no thanks. Not this time. hahahaha. It looked fun, so hopefully we can come back next year and give it a try. I used to go cliff jumping as a kid and it was so fun, but now that I'm adult the temperature of the water plays a major factor hahaha.

Mostly I relaxed on my sweet Brazilian hammock reading my book and drinking a beer, or cider or wine hahaha. There was a little chipmunk who basically lived on our site the whole weekend (I had a large bag of unsalted raw sunflower seeds that I scattered around). I liked the park, there were some interesting people around us hahaha, and it for sure was not as quiet as the privately owned camp ground we stayed at in Tobermory, but it was also nice to stay within the park to take our boards out.

Last week was so crazy we both felt like we weren't prepared this time (food-wise) because after the last camping trip we went to MEC and spent like $500 on new camping gear lol. But I had Friday off because I went to Canada's Wonderland with my brother and somehow got home early and was able to make this ridiculous amazing mac and cheese (recipe up on Wednesday) and get some other things together. But it still felt like something was missing.

My favourite part of the trip (and perhaps the cutest) was sitting by the fire with B...e had finished making s'mores (and p.s. if you want adult s'mores, dip your roasted marshmallow into Bailey's) and it was getting late but the stars were so so pretty...and then suddenly I just slowly started to fall asleep in my chair and then I was startled by B rustling and I opened my eyes..the firewood was basically burned down at this point. We had both fallen asleep by the fire (which is dangerous so don't do it) for at least 30 mins. It was just so nice. B is always so busy and stressed with work, and I'm always running around like a mad dog between coming home from work and blogging and getting to was so nice to just relax. We're both pretty adventurous, but I think consciously we needed this time to relax. It was nice to not be go-go-go. Although I know B had hoped this trip would be as exciting as Tobermory.

September is actually going to be my craziest month so far. Next weekend I'm headed to New York to visit one of my besties, Jenn. We're going to Electric Zoo (it's an EDM music festival) and then the following weekend is my last open weekend with Bryon so we're still deciding what are plans are, but we will be busy no matter what. After that Seattle for the weekend with Jenn again, and after that New Zealand. It's going to be a wild one. I don't have a video from the weekend yet...I hope to get one together, but I'm not sure how exciting the footage is, so I need to plan a direction first.

What are your end of summer / September plans?

I've also made a widget of camping clothes in case you're interested. Our mugs are from HERE and my Roots sweater is available HERE.

Have a good week!

<3 Caitlin

(this cider is super tasty!)

(the sammies above are amazing - they will be in Wednesday's post)

(we love playing ring toss gets pretty competitive)

(coffee, Bailey's and a marshmallow ;) )

(we don't mess around with our s'mores. There's no place for the traditional s'more on our campsite hahaha)

(I am so obsessed with these little mugs!)

(how cute was this little guy!)

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