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fall fashion must haves

Well here I am cursing the onset of fall. Ontario did not have much of a summer. My skin is pale, my freckles are scarce and my hair hardly lightened. Over the year, I don't mind vacationing in cooler climates because we have summer to look forward to, but I'm kicking myself for not choosing someplace hot to visit in the winter because this summer has not been very hot.

August hasn't been too bad, however as I was walking to a conference this morning I felt a slight chill in the air and I swear I could smell fall. In Toronto the seasons change on a dime, which means you need to be prepared. Most of my warm clothes are packed away in a container in the tiny closet I share with B, but I do need to start collecting basics that I can transition between work and off-duty as the weather starts to chill more. Mostly cardigans, new jeans and pants and some new shoes.

fall footwear

My current need for footwear is closed toe. I know, open toe booties are adorable and on trend, but they don't really work for me in Ontario. Fall weather gets cold here and my toes cannot be sacrificed. Therefore, booties must be closed toe. I love THIS pair and THIS pair. A bit of an investment, but I feel like they would get a lot of wear. They'll be perfect with jeans and leggings. I also love THESE sneakers and THESE black flats will be perfect for work. Animal prints work really well in the fall too - I like to pair them with a dark plaid shirt. I thought THESE ones were super cute.

sweaters for fall

Sweater weather has been all summer for me. But I do need to get some basic long sleeved tops and other items I can transition into fall. I know THIS dress isn't exactly a fall staple, but I like it hahaha I think it can be layered really easily, so I decided to include it anywhere. I bought THIS cardi during the Nordstrom sale but I've been wearing it at least once a week since I bought it. It's so comfortable and it looks super cute. I love the retro style of THIS sweater. THIS black long sleeved basic is perfect for work or running errands on the weekend. I also love THIS drapped cardi and THIS one with little bell sleeves. Bell sleeves are for sure making their way into fall and winter wear too!

pants for fall

Pants are obviously a necessity in the fall. I generally live in jeans in the falls especially dark ones like THESE. I love the Madewell brand right now - they have great stuff. There's something about dark denim in the fall that I love - it reminds me of that back to school feeling I used to get. I was always SO prepared on the first day and I loved planning my first outfit (did anyone else do this?) Currently OBSESSED with THESE slashed leggings. 1. I would totally rock these with booties on the weekend, and 2. They can also be worn to work out in. I love THESE slashed at the knees jeans and THIS moto style too. Pants with texture are great.


Are you guys prepping for fall yet? Send me a link to your fall posts in the comments below so I can check them out! I'm doing some shopping :)

Hope you're having a good day wherever you are

<3 Caitlin