FOR THE HOME | friyay affordables

Well by know, if you're a regular reader, you will have come to realize that at least one of my segments on this blog is MIA each week. This week, fashion is suffering and FriYay Affordables is back. It's been a while since i've done one of these, and since I don't have time to put an outfit together and find the time to shoot it this week, I'm focusing on this. I can't promise a fashion post for next week either. It's just a busy month all around.

This fall I plan on helping our little condo. And by helping, I mean decorating it. We've done pretty well with it, we just need some updates. It's tough because it's so small, and with Bryon and I being the adventurous type, there's outdoorsy crap all over the place, along with my clothes and shoes, his medical books and papers, our cat's toys (and fur) and magazines. So things need to change.

Aside from a few big purchases that need to be made, there's some 'little' things we need too. For example, the mat in the kitchen is ugly, and I'd like to replace it with something colourful like THIS one. We have started collecting succulents and other plants, but I love the look of interesting potting options like this fun T-REX pot. We also buy little decor items that are copper / rose gold, so I thought these copper coloured solo cups were cute along with THIS kettle (we don't need a kettle, but this one matches hahaha).

Living in a little Toronto condo means zero storage space, and our storage locker is FULL. I love these vertically stacked baskets! I think they're perfect for collecting 'stuff' in a much more pleasing manner. I also love these cute little pom pom baskets, although Bryon would not be okay with them hahaha. I'm a sucker for throw blankets because they always come in handy. For guests, watching movies, protecting furniture from cats who claw furniture. THIS one looks so cozy.

I thought this CLEAN bath mat was cheeky, and THIS little dish ;)

Of course, there were several other items I found and I've included them all in the widget below!