camping meals

As my previous post pointed out, Bryon and I went camping together for the first time last weekend. Although it wasn’t our first time camping individually, we’ve both grown up camping, so we have some experience haha. There’s one thing you must be for a successful camping trip and that’s ORGANIZED. You’ll find that if you forget one thing it can totally screw up your whole trip.

Bryon was basically on call the entire week before we left which meant a lot of the prep was up to me. Bryon had all the gear, (although we did make a recent trip to MEC to update a lot of things), so he was responsible for that before we left. But I also made a checklist of easy-to-forget stuff that I relayed to him.

The food was completely my job. Because the main purpose of trip was to go paddle boarding, we needed meals that didn’t require preparation on site. Just heating up. My number one source for camping food inspiration was Pinterest and it did me good. B and I generally eat pretty healthy so I avoided unhealthy snacks with the exception of S’mores…but Byron did a quick run to Canadian Tire to grab a new flashlight and ended coming home with two bags of chips. I was not impressed…and they won’t be coming with us next weekend hahaha.

Since the campground was about a four hour drive from Toronto, I knew we would be eating dinner on the road Friday night (Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, hold the mayo from Wendy’s!) so I really only needed to prep one dinner. We also needed two breakfasts, two lunches, snacks and campfire snacks.


camping breakfast

This was my favourite meal. I found a recipe on Pinterest, but I didn’t follow it at all.


6 cups of hashbrown

4 eggs


Green Onion

Himalayan Pink Salt (this is the salt we use at home)

Onion Powder

2 Cups of grated cheedar cheese


Put the hashbrowns into a BBQ-safe foil pan.

In a sepeate bowl, crack the eggs. Add salt and seasons (and you can really add in whatever seasoning you like to your taste) and then Wisk them together until beaten.

Add one cup of cheese to the hashbrowns and use a spoon or fork to evenly mix it in

Pour in egg and spices over hashbrowns and mix it in so the egg coats all the hashbrowns

Add the one cup of cheese to the top layer of hashbrown (or you can mix it in like I did)

Bake in the oven at 375 degrees until the hashrbowns start to brown on the top.

After, I covered it with foil and put it in the fridge until we left (it then went in the cooler. We heated it on a frying pan when we were camping. It really will only last you about two days.


camping dinner

camping dinner


These are easy to prep and easy to cook!

Because it was just Byron and I, I bought two chicken breasts, a container of pre-cut fresh pineapple from the grocery store located in the fresh produce section, and green peppers. You can also add red onion as well. I forgot to buy it lol. You will also need to buy skewers.


Cut chicken into pieces (as large as you like)

Cut green pepper into square-like pieces along with the onion. (sort of like chunks) (I added some olive oil to them, which turned out really well)

One by one stab them with the skewer and slide them on

Keep them chilled in the fridge until you leave and they should be kept on ice in a cooler until you are ready to cook them

We used a grate to cook them over our campfire until the chicken was cooked.


camping lunch


You’ll need large croissants, cold cut turkey, cheese of your choice and any sauces (I hate mayo so I used mustard instea.

You literally make a sandwhich and cut it a half and place it in a sandwich bag and toss it in the cooler. I made enough to last me the weekend and it was perfect


camping snacks

camping snacks

Here is a list of snacks I packed for us:

Blueberries and sliced strawberries

Pre-sliced watermelon


S’more kit

Coffee of course! (it was a delicious gourmet instant coffee...as gourmet as instant coffee can get.

Jiffy Pop (my fave!!)

And then Bryon brought chips

We also brought boxed wine, ciders and beer along with bottled water (we don’t normally buy bottled water because it’s bad for the environment. We only bought what we needed for the weekend and disposed of them properly)

I also want to mention that Bryon and I are respectful of the environment and any garbage we had – whether we took it paddling with us or at the camp site was disposed of responsibly. We never litter.

Hope this blog post helps you future or current campers!

<3 Caitlin