Bruce Peninsula National Park


It was such a great weekend. I used to go camping with my family a lot when I was a kid, but my parents ended up buying a sailboat and we traded in camping trips for sailing trips. I really missed it - but none of my girlfriends were really into camping. Luckily, Bryon loves camping, so we decided to try Bruce Peninsula National Park. I'm used to black lakes in northern(ish) Ontario. I only started going to Georgian Bay when I started working at my current job because we have an office there - but after this trip, I'm going to be going there a lot more. The water is AMAZING. It's frigidly cold, but so beautiful. The water look like the Dominican Republic...turquoise and clear. It's beautiful.

We actually didn't camp in the National Park. We booked a little late, so we got a site at a privately owned campground called Harmony Acres. It's radio free and I will say there are quite a bit of rules, but we also weren't at the site very much. We'll likely be coming back to this campground next year. If you're new to camping, or not quite keen on sleeping in a tent, they have these cute little cabin options that I thought were a great idea. We did have a couple camping fails (we forgot our pillows, Bryon thought he brought a double mattress but he brought a single) but those aside it was a really great trip.

We avoided visiting The Grotto because the crowds were absolutely insane, so instead we found a more quiet cove with hundreds less people. Saturday the weather was nice but it was windy, which meant the water was a little rough. It was funny, because looking at it it didn't look THAT bad, but once we got our boards out there it was pretty intimidating (for me). It took me a few minutes to get used to it. It probably wasn't the best day to go boarding, but we were really excited to get them on the water. Sunday...was amazing!!! I did create a video and you can see it below, and the water is amazing. We paddle out of the cove and went around the point where we found a little cove all to ourselves. This cove was so beautiful. The bottom was completely limestone so it looked tropical. We stayed there for a bit eating lunch, having a beer and jumping into the icy water off the rocks that sheltered the cove. It was my favourite day. We eventually started paddling again before stopping with back in the larger cove with the small crowd to get some sun on the rocks.

Later in the afternoon we went into Tobermory to a place called Shipwreck Lee's for fish and chips and bottles of Landshark beer (me bottleS...B had to drive us home) and then ice cream before making the 4 hour drive home.

We are going camping again in two weeks, but to a different park. We'll be at a provincial park called Killbear Provincial Park. I will be doing a post about the meals I prepped for this trip, because not only were they SO GOOD, they were also really easy to prep. So if you're thinking of camping, or you go camping often, they might be useful for you.

Video below and photos follow after! Hope you have a great week!

<3 Caitlin

(above: heated game of ring toss)

(above: Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs)