DRESS - SIMILAR HERE | BELT - SIMILAR HERE | SANDALS, BELINI (no longer available in this colour), SIMILAR HERE

Hi guys,

I wanted to show you the look I put together for the lavender farm we went to on the weekend. Kara's friend Kaley took these photos for me since Bryon wasn't there. So thank you Kayley for the shots!

I actually found this dress at Winner's but there was one small was too big! It's a medium and I usually wear an x-small or small. But I knew with the right belt I could make this dress work. It was difficult to find a belt, I actually bought another one but Bryon said it looked weird, so I took a chance on this one. When I tried this outfit on in the motel the girls assured me it looked cute, so I decided to go ahead with the boho look. I do regret my sandals, but I didn't really have many other options that I brought with me.

While it's not exactly the most flattering look on me, I am still so in love with this dress, particularly the off the shoulder detail and the details of the lace. Up close it's beautiful. I didn't get a chance to get a close up of the lace, because quite frankly there was 4 of us and we all wanted to get some really great shots in the field so I didn't want to be too fussy with the photos.

I've created a widget with similar styles like this one. I've included some shots of the other girls as well, because we all put effort into what we wore for this occasion hahaha. I've linked similar styles for their outfits as well.

PS at the end of the post there's a video I created from our weekend - don't forget to watch it :)

Hope you enjoy this!

<3 Caitlin

Check out what the other girls wore that day: