LAVENDER FIELDS AND WINE | weekend post cards

Happy Monday (for me)

We had a long weekend which was very much needed, and I'm back at it with a nice short week. I went back home to Prince Edward County for somewhat of a girls' weekend. My friend Kara, from high school, invited her girlfriends to The County to stay at The June Motel (a super-cute girly motel that is basically a blogger's paradise.) IThere was A LOT of photo taking! Regardless, it was nice to see The County from a tourist's perspective, enjoy some girl time, meet some new friends and of course, lay out on the beach.

The June is spectacular. If you are a tourist coming to The County, it's probably one of the more affordable options to be honest. B&B's and Airbnb's can get really pricey. And otherwise you would be looking at renting out a cottage. So if there's 2-4 of you, this is a great spot. A couple cons of staying here: The concierge is not 24/7. So if you need something mid-day (including check-in) it's not gonna happen. Also, they don't have phones in the room, so to contact concierge, you need to text them. This could be a major downfall if you're coming from out-of country and you don't have cell service. We also texted them for room service breakfast in the morning and no one answered us so we ended up having to walk outside in our pj's to speak to the concierge. She said the owner's had the phone and unless they give her the phone she doesn't know about room service. What was more irritating is that they didn't even acknowledge the text at all - not even to say they were sorry they missed it. There's also no full length mirrors and no hair dryers - so bring your own. But otherwise (and these things aren't huge deals considering they just opened a couple months ago) it's a great spot.

On Saturday we frolicked through the lavender farm to take some photos (of course) which actually ended up turning out really well, and then went to one of my favourite wineries, Karlo Estates for some wine and parings before heading back to the motel to change and sit by the campfire to make s'mores (which the motel provides!). I really would have loved to have sat in the bar in the little lobby and have a glass of wine, but we were hungry. We went to The Courage (one of my favourite spots) for dinner and a bottle of wine. We just shared some food. The Courage is a great cocktail spot - awesome atmosphere. Bryon and I usually go here for a drink when we're at my parents'. The food isn't the greatest - it's still really good, but in comparison to other places in The County, it's just good. And then we came home and went to bed...womp womp lol.

The next morning we got up early. If you plan on going to one of the beaches at the Sandbanks in the literally have to be there for 10:30am. If it's chilly in the morning, bring your breakfast and lay out once it warms up, because otherwise you will not get in. Sandbanks Provincial Park is the most insane park in Ontario. Everyone wants to be there...even the locals. I prefer the Dunes, because they're less busy, but again, still need to go early. We went to the Dunes and probably spent about 4 hours there laying in the sun and....taking photos. After that we went back to the motel, changed and headed over to Norman Hardie's for a wine tasting and PIZZA! Norman Hardie probably has the best wood oven pizza in The County along with County Cider in Waupoos. Wood oven pizza is a big thing there. Norman Hardie also has the best wine - they're Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is amaze-balls and uber expensive.

I have TONS of images for you guys to check out below! And yes, I did do some filming as well, but I won't get to it to until tonight. So it will be up sometime this week. Because it's a short week, it's going to be really busy. B and I are going camping in Tobermory this weekend and I am SO excited!!! But we have a lot to do to get ready for it!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

<3 Caitlin

First - watch the video:

(above, my friend Kara who i've known since grade 1!)

(cognac cows! I drive by these guys every time I'm home and I've always wanted to snap some pics of them because they're so pretty!)