ACAI BOWLS AND ROLLED ICE CREAM | weekend post cards

Hello all!

I have some good new - I'll be back to regular-ish blogging this week. I have a fashion post ready for your viewing on THURSDAY :)

How was your weekend?

I'd like to happily say summer decided to grace us with our presence. It was sweltering. Saturday morning Bryon and I packed up our boards and drove down to Humber Bay to go for a morning paddle. It was so nice. And while we were packing up our boards, my cousin texted me saying she had a free ticket to Way Home and asked if I wanted to go. I already had plans so I had to decline. I want to go to Way Home but I was less than willing to pay the fee for tickets to see people I wasn't interested in. I'm going to EZoo in New York on the September long weekend, so my summer won't be without a music festival.

My friend Sarah came to visit me on Saturday and had never been to Kensington Market so I took her there and she loved it. I know I talk about Kensington Market a lot on my blog, but it just feels like you're in another city when you're there, and the restaurants are so good. We ate a Supermarket and then had rolled ice cream at Frosty Roll (I recommend). We ended up drinking more than we bargained for so we went back to our place and Bryon made us margaritas and she just spent the night. In the morning we had breakfast at Food Society, the cafe. If you live in Toronto, check it out! It's on Bay Street, just a 5 minute walk from our condo and they have a really good acai bowl among other tasty healthy options.

We had a baseball game to go to yesterday. I had family visiting from Calgary, so my parents' got us tickets to see the Jays. The Sky Dome was open because it was sunny, but LORD it was so hot. I had to go and find sunscreen because my shoulders started burning, and then I had to go inside for a bit to cool down because I started feeling sick. It looked like people were trying to survive a world war. Like people were draped all over the place inside trying to cool down. The EMS got a run for their money that down. We also thought the Jay were going to lose and people started leaving. I bet they were kicking themselves later because we got to witness a grand slam. It was pretty exciting.

Even we spent the weekend in Toronto (which is rare for us) it was still super busy.

Have an awesome week

<3 Caitlin