ONTARIO COTTAGE COUNTRY | weekend post cards

If you're a fellow Canadian you'll know this special weekend activity well. If you're not...allow me to introduce you to Ontario Cottage Country. North of all the major cities in southern Ontario is a plethora of beautiful black water lakes surrounded by lush forests and preserved wildlife. Here, Canadians come to unwind, crack open a beer and sit on the dock to enjoy the scenery and retreat to the fire in the evenings followed by snuggling into creaky beds in a rustic (or luxury 'cottage' in Muskoka if you're a loaded celebrity like Cindy Crawford, Hilary Duff or Goldie Hawn or a top notch biz executive) It is my favourite thing to do in the summer.

You may or may not have noticed my absence Thursday-today. I was up north partly for work and partly for a weekend getaway. I basically shut my online presence down so I could enjoy lake life for 5 days. We have several out-of-town offices at my work and I needed to visit them with my coworker, so we made a weekend out of it. Her family has a cottage on a small lake called Deer Lake just north of Muskoka. Personally, if I'm going to a cottage I want it to be rustic. I love the experience of being outdoors and having an organic experience. But of course, that's not for everyone. If I'm looking for comfort, I'll go to my parents. This weekend however, was fantastic. My coworker, Deanna, and I worked Thursday and Friday before arriving at the cottage on Friday evening. Bryon came up on Saturday morning and Deanna's boyfriend got there on Friday night. I always love getting away from the city. That being said, I'm super behind with my blog, but I'm hoping B can take photos for me tonight so I can do a fashion post this week. We have to go to Hamilton because Bryon is taking muscle biopsies for his P.HD degree...he just never gave up the research he did for it (he has a lot of degrees...). I decided I'm going to tag along because why not.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30am before anyone staying at the cottage did and honestly, probably before anyone on the entire lake. It was so peaceful and quiet (I just really missed my coffee and I didn't want to wake anyone up while making a pot)...I just sat there wrapped up in a blanket reading my book and appreciating the lack of sirens and car horns. The rest of the weekend was pretty action packed. We basically went boating, got wildly drunk, swam, made s'mores, built fires, went ATV'ing, tubing and paddle boarding. That's pretty much what cottage life is!

Of course, I made a video documenting the weekend hahahaha, so feel free to watch it and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more. I also have photos from the weekend following the video.

I'm hoping to get regular blog posts up moving forward...sorry for the choppy-ness.

<3 Caitlin

(bought this adorable hammock from a grocery store in Haliburton for $16 lol. Great purchase!)

(you can't see it, but I'm holding a s'more lol)