BEACHY KEEN IN PEC | weekend post cards

prince edward county


Well, my weekend was planned on the fly. I was supposed to be up north for an annual girls' weekend, however it was abruptly canceled and so Bryon and I shifted some things around so we could go to my parents' for the weekend. It was perfect because it was so nice on the weekend. (I will have a video, I just haven't had a chance to edit it yet because we came home super late)

We left Saturday morning, and went straight to the beach to get a little sun. Both Bryon and I are really safe about being in the sun. I've had melanoma and we both have a Celtic background. I'm particularly interested in sun damage, pre-mature aging and sunburns because of the sun. So, we really only stay out on the beach for two hours which is just enough to get a little sun-kissed. Although Bryon did end up burning a bit. After the beach we went to Prince Eddy's Brewery to meet my friend for a quick visit and to drink some flights. This brewery is really cool - although the don't have any food, their tanks are full and they now have 6 of their own beers on tap, which is awesome. The County has been known for the wines for years, but now there's this sudden take-off of breweries. Likes tons. I can't keep up with all the new places opening up here.

Anyway, we had dinner with my family and fell asleep pretty early that night. We woke up and had breakfast and coffee with my parents (my dad loves making a big breakfast) and then went straight to the beach. We did some drone shots and took some photos of my one-piece that I will never put on the blog hahaha. I'm just totally not comfortable posting photos of myself in a bathing suit right now lol. (The rumours are true, it IS really hard to stay fit in your 30's...lots to look forward to kids) After that we sat in the sun for about an hour before deciding the sun wasn't safe to sit in anymore. We also had plans to do some shopping and go for oysters / seafood at a new place. There are TONS of super cute places to shop in the county. We went to Bloomfield because it's close to the beach and we bought a couple things before I took B to his first visit to Slickers Ice Cream. It's small batch ice cream and it's sooooo good. There's always a lineup and they only accept cash. Campfire and Apple Pie are my favourite. Bryon got Raspberry jazz.. it had raspberry and white chocolate pieces). The board changes all the time.

After that we went to Wellington, which is where my parents live, and we stopped at Oak Clothing Co (which has super trendy clothes like BB Dakota and LSPACE...I obviously bought something, and then we went to a new brewery called Midtown Brewery. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me post about it on my story. It is SUCH a cool place and their first (and only at the moment) beer is really really good. After we went back toward the beach to go to Sand And Pearl Raw Bar for oysters and seafood and wine. This place is SOOOOO CUTE!!! It reminds me of a seafood bar in the Hamptons. I loved it here and I can't wait to go back again. They just opened and ran out of almost everything over the weekend, so I didn't get to try their lobster mac and cheese...but next time for sure. And also, my friend Ashley works there as a server - so make sure you say hi and ask for her.

After we picked up our boards from my parents' house and went to Wellington Beach where we took them out. Usually this beach gets pretty big waves and there's usually fresh water surfers and kite surfers playing out there, but it was pretty calm. So we paddled out into the lake pretty far and went swimming off our boards. It was so beautiful in the late afternoon and the water and air were warm. It was a great time.

I'm going to work on the video tonight, so hopefully I'll have it for you guys to see sometime this week. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel as well if you're interested in seeing more. I'm trying to upload a video every week right now.

Enjoy the photos below and have a fabulous week!

<3 Caitlin