WINE AND WATER FALLS | weekend post cards

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend!

I had a great weekend with Bryon in Niagara On The Lake and Niagara Falls. Since Bryon has been working tons and will be forever (lol) we're taking advantage of weekends he has off. We are going to New Zealand at the end of September, so we're still saving for that, but we are able to take little weekend getaways that are close by. Niagara Falls is only about an hour and a half from Toronto and it's pretty affordable for us too.

I was given the Winemaker's Selections Passes for both Bryon and I from Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake, which was super nice! We had all year to use them, but they're good for one tasting at 20 wineries and we did not see them all this weekend. The great thing about these passes is that they're $25 and good until sometime next year - so we'll for sure be heading back to some of the others. We checked out Château des Charmes, Trius Winery and our favourite Ravine Vineyard Estates Winery. We would have loved to have gone to a few others but the traffic from Toronto to Niagara was basically a parking lot so we got there quite late. It's nice to know we can go back again later in the summer or fall to check out the others.

We decided to stay in Niagara Falls for the night. It was a perfect evening. It was warm and the sky was clear, so as the sun was setting and the full moon came out the falls looks gorgeous. I loved getting away from the city with B. Toronto is so crazy, you need time to get away and recharge. We had dinner and drinks and wandered around before heading back to our hotel.

I do want to say that the amount of IHop in Niagara Falls is out of control. There are more IHop's in Niagara Falls than Tim Horton's so that says A LOT. I know that Niagara is a popular tourist destination for American's so it makes sense that we have them in Niagara, but Canada doesn't really have them otherwise and they're absolutely awful. We went there for breakfast because we thought it would be cheap and fast, but it was the exact opposite. It was expensive and disgusting lol. So avoid it if you go to Niagara Falls.

I did create a quick video of our weekend getaway, which you can watch below, and I've also included photos as well!

Have an awesome week!!!

<3 Caitlin