CANADA 150 | weekend post cards

Monday was a holiday for me, and I'm technically a day late getting this post up!

On the weekend I drove 8 hours (what should have been 5 and half) to Ottawa, Ontario to celebrate Canada Day. Typically I avoid Ottawa on Canada Day because the crowds are just insane, but it was Canada's 150th and I have a few good friends from university who still live there, so I thought it would be good opportunity.

Most of the weekend was spent cheating my healthy eating regime at various delicious restaurants. My friend Cristina live in Landsdowne, a little area just on the north end of Bank Street. It was just far enough away from the craziness of Parliament Hill...although it didn't hinder our curiosity. We ended up checking out the festivities down there anyway.

Ottawa tends to get mixed reviews. Personally, I love it. I'm not the biggest fan of the extreme busy environment of Toronto, mostly because I find it hard to relax. Ottawa is a little big city. It has a big population, but it doesn't really get crazy there and it's beautiful. The food scene is great, and maybe in terms of entertainment it's not the best, but I always enjoy my stay there (and I lived there for four years).

We ate a lot brunch this weekend, guys hahaha. Some really great spots to check out if you're looking for brunch in Ottawa (away from the market) Von's, The Rowan, and The Pomeroy's House (outstanding chicken and waffles lol). Some other places I MUST go to when I'm in Ottawa is Le Moulin De Provence for Obama Cookies (I also want to make it clear that I was eating these cookies WAY before Obama had one) and of course poutine, which you can pretty much get anywhere in Ottawa, but I recommend Elgin Street.

I made a really quick video of my visit. It's not amazing, but I didn't have a ton of filming opportunities so it is what it is! The video is below, and so are a few photos from my stay!

Hope you're having an awesome week

<3 Caitlin