CANADIAN AF | fashion

Canada Day was on Saturday, and I ventured off to the nation's capitol, Ottawa to enjoy the festivities. Since it was an especially big bash this year (Canada's 150) I really wanted to be there. Luckily, I went to university in Ottawa so I had friends to stay with, which made the trip much easier.

I know, you would think I would have been wearing red and white, but I felt like my Peace Collective tee was much more fitting. This great thing about this local Toronto brand, is that they sell them for a good cause. I've sent a couple of the same shirt I'm wearing to some friends in the States. Peace Collective makes tons of different styles (Bonus: all links to Peace Collective are not affiliate links!), so I definitely encourage you to check out their brand for different Canadian and Toronto - oriented styles, and learn more about the cause they promote.

My shorts are H&M and I LOVE them! Maybe I'm just 30-something and boring, but I'm not about the butt-cheeks hanging out of my shorts look. I find it's not a tasteful look, and half the time, unless you're a fitness model, it looks so terrible. These cut in exactly the right place, they're stretchy and they look cute! If you're looking for an affordable pair of shorts for the summer - these are the ones. The bag is not mine! I borrowed it from my friend and it's last season Zara - but how cute it is!? Love a good bucket bag. Although, the downfall to this bag are the wasn't a good option in the rain :(

My sandals are no longer available in this colour, however you can get them HERE, and THESE are a similar style.

Who's the doggie? This is Oliver, and he belongs to my friend Cristina who I stayed with over the weekend. He's such a cutie, and a good sport for wearing an Ottawa Senator's jersey...I know he's secretly a Toronto Maple Leaf's fan ;)

Hope you love this casual look! I will link the shorts and similar styles for this outfit in the widget below. Shout out to my friend Cristina Fulop for being my instagram / blogger husband last weekend

<3 Caitlin