TOP - Goodnight Macaroon. (no longer available) Similar HERE | JEANS - American Eagle | SNEAKS - Converse | CLUTCH - similar HERE

Yesterday was the first day of summer, which meant extended sunshine! Bryon and I decided to come home from work and go to Kensington Market for dinner and to shoot for the blog since I've been extremely terrible with regular posts lately. It was a week night, and coming home from work, the last thing I want to do is get dressed up and wear heels while walking through Kensington. So I put together this cute outfit.

It was super comfortable. My Converse are on their last steps...they're pretty dirty, but I've worked them in so perfectly, I'm not quite ready to break in a fresh pair yet. If you've ever owned a pair of Converse you will probably agree with me that it really hard to give up a pair when you've had them for a while hahaha. I found this adorable lemon clutch at Winner's believe it or not. I thought it was super cute and great for summer. I really can't remember the brand, but you can get a similar HERE and HERE. I've also linked a couple in the widget at the bottom of this post :) I'm kind of obsessed with lemon prints right now.

I've been buying quite a few items from Goodnight Macaroon lately. I bought this off-the-shoulder chambray top at the end of the summer last year and I only wore it once (the night the Stanley Cup showed up as a party guest at my friends birthday - seriously) but then it got cold and it wasn't practical. This top was a hot seller and is no longer available, but you know I'm gonna help you out and link some similar cuties below! But also, you can find a near dupe that is ON SALE HERE. This ain't my first rodeo, friends.

ps - my jeans are ON SALE right now and they are super comfortable. I've been wearing them tons lately. They're my fave jeans for summer right now. I've linked a couple other cute styles at the bottom of this post too!

Hope you guys love this look! I really hope to get better with getting content on the blog five days a week...but to be fair, it's Canadian summer, which means I get to enjoy warm weather for about 2 and half months lol. So I'm going to be outside rather than coming home and blogging. But I'll my best to be consistent!!

<3 Caitlin (pps...I have blooper photos at the end. Thinking about including bloopers as a regular addition to my fashion posts - only because Bryon has to endure them at EVERY shoot. Thoughts? lol)

BONUS PICKS - bloopers lol