I PARTIED IN A BARN | weekend post cards

Bryon and went our separate ways over the weekend - he stayed in Toronto to study (again) and I went home to Prince Edward County. I'm working out of the County office today, and he has an exam. I really needed to get out of the city, so I came here on Saturday morning and made a weekend out of it. Since the weather is getting nicer, the County is busier and more lively, and I really just needed a break from the city (I miss B so much...even two nights without him feels like a million years lol.)

I had my plans with my friend Ashley from high school. Just to get together for a drink and sit around the fire at her family's cottage. When I come to the county I don't really bring 'dress-up' clothes unless I know I have something special planned. So when she said we were going to The Hayloft I had to do what I could to look presentable. The Hayloft, is a bar in a barn. Yes, this is correct. It is literally a barn with a bar in it. So much fun though. We had quite a fun night and ended it sitting around the kitchen island at her cottage after our night out eating left over tomato and cucumber salad along with a pack of seaweed snacks hahaha. I woke up feeling less than refreshed, needless to say.

Because I pretty much spent the weekend alone I enjoyed some solid down time sans ambulance sirens, car horns and drug addicts screaming in the streets.. We had brunch on Sunday for Father's day with the family, which was nice, and then I tried to make the most of the sliver of sun we had. I headed over to the Sand Dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park, but it was pretty cloudy. Lake Ontario has very high water level right now, and so the beach was completely flooded. You had to wade through knee-deep water to get to the dunes. I still look exceptionally white, though. Literally, I got zero sun. But the views were still spectacular. So even though it wasn't exceptional weather, it was still pretty hot out and I got some really great shots on my GoPro, so I'm looking forward to putting a video together for Prince Edward County!

I booked an (expensive) impromptu flight to New Jersey for next weekend. My friend Jenn and I need some girl time together. It's really hard living far from your besties. My best friend, Christina is in Kelowna, British Columbia, while Jenn is in Jersey. Although it's easy for us to FaceTime and text, it's not the same as having a girls night together, or going for dinner or cocktails. For Jenn, it's extra difficult because she can't come home to Canada for quite a while, so she for sure gets homesick. Even though I saw her a few weeks ago, our visit was super rushed and we really didn't get time for just the two of us to catch up aside from going to dinner together. So I was actually comfortable spending the money, and Bryon even moved some payments around for me so the cost wouldn't be so stressful. I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

With that being said, message your bestie right now and tell them you love them - they will appreciate it.

<3 Caitlin