BOOZE CRUISE AND LONGBOARDS | weekend post cards

HELLOOOOOOO SUMMER! This weekend was a hot one (thank the Lord Jesus, finally!)

This weekend actually felt like summer, which was so amazing. It worked out perfectly because on Saturday Bryon and I had a boat cruise to attend. We brought my friend Kara with us and it was such a good time. Our friend Ryan from New York has sort of taken part of the reins on this annual boat cruise that has been going on for 45 years! Yup - this boat cruise happens once a year. The story is, it's been going on for all the years and now the 'kids' have taken over the planning. The theme was appropriately Canada 150, and there was a lot of partying going on. We couldn't have asked for a better day. As much as I wanted to continue the party after we got off the ship, Bryon and I totally went home and napped and decided to keep low key. We walked to Yorkville to get gelato and then came home and watched a movie hahaha.

Sunday was another fabulous day - too windy for SUP board, but a great day for longboards. I woke up (after sleeping) and Bryon set our little bistro table on the balcony for breakfast. We had pancakes, French press coffee and grapefruit juice, and then took some photos for the blog before making the longboard decision. I've never tried riding one before, but I thought it would be fun, and Bryon has one. So we took advantage of the quiet side street across from our condo. It's actually a lot easier than I anticipated and super fun. We also went to Upper Deck by Fran's Restaurant for a quick lunch. It's such a cool little spot. While it's quite humid up there, they have these misters that go off every 5 or 10 minutes to cool you down. I thought that was pretty fun.

Bryon sort of owed me dinner. He went out Friday night and partied like he was 19, again...and so he was slightly under the weather for the boat cruise haha. So he said he owed me big time. We went to Drake 150 for pizza (You guys need to try this place...delicious pizza, and cool vibe) and had sangria and beer. The weather was absolutely fantastic the whole weekend. I can't tell you enough how happy I am that summer is here. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and fall, and I'm not really the type to anticipate the next season, but I really hate spring lol. Spring in Canada is the worst. It smells like melting dog crap, you never know when to not wear a jacket or wear a jacket, or when sandals are okay. It's the worst.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!! Happy Monday - have a good week

<3 Caitlin

(above: sorry these are so small! They were sent to Bryon via BlackBerry....who even still has BlackBerry lolol)