TANK (Canada only) similar for outside of Canada HERE | SKIRT - no longer available, similar HERE and it's equally as stunning!!!! | HEELS - similar HERE | CLUTCH- BCBG, similar HERE | LIPSTICK - KAT VON D, BACK STAGE BAMBI

I've never really been one to buy the same clothes everyone else has. While I like to 'mimic' styles I see online, I usually try to keep my style original in most cases. Which is one of the reasons I really like consignment shopping. I find it exciting to find something one of a kind, or something high-end that was carefully loved, but the original owner just had no reason to wear it again. I found this gorgeous beaded and sequin skirt at a consignment shop in Prince Edward County (where my parents live) and although it's just slightly too big for me and I'm likely going to have to take it in before I wear it again, I HAD to have it. Women in the store were telling me how lucky I was to fit into it and how pretty it was. It's a large size 2 lol. I usually fit into a size two quite perfectly, but there's quite a bit of gapping on it. But that's neither here no there - I'm sure there's many of you who have made a size work because it was the last size available in a style you immediately fell in love with. And so, here I am, wearing a beautiful skirt that's too big. This skirt is Club Monaco. I wish I knew what season it's from, but I don't. However, the details are just stunning, and it was likely much more expensive than what I paid for it ($50). I must be a girly girl, because I cannot pass up anything with sparkles...I just can't seem to grow out of them.

Soooo, my hair is not really what I wanted for this look hahaha. We were in a bit of a rush. Bryon had a massive ophthalmology exam on Monday and he was super stressed and wanted to get going to my parents' place so he could keep studying. So basically I got up, had my coffee and got ready in what I would consider super speed time hahaha. I totally changed into a pair of camo pants and a hoodie for the ride after this shoot. (blogger confessions).

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I hope you're all having a fab week!!

<3 Caitlin