BREWERY DAYS | weekend post cards

prince eddy's brewery

I am so behind!

I don't know what happened, but it seems that my routine is totally out of whack. I've been super sluggish lately, and I'm going to chalk it up to the traveling I did the other week. I'm just starting to get used to summer hours - where there's less times spent relaxing at home and more go-go-go. I am looking forward to doing lots though starting now up until probably mid October when the weather starts to get chilly. One thing I am looking forward to is more time spent in Prince Edward County. It's such a chill place, and of course the beach is there too.

This weekend was a little stressful. Byron had another ophthalmology exam, and was extra stressed. He decided to come with me to my parents' anyway. My parents were going to do all my birthday stuff. So we got there on Saturday afternoon and had a few beers outside with my mom and dad because it was so nice out, and then Bryon went in to study. We just had dinner and then had a massive bonfire at our place. Bryon was too stressed to actually go out for drinks, but it turned out to be really great night at home. We had an out of control bonfire - and by out of control I don't mean it lit everything on fire hahaha. It was just a very large and hot very fire hahahaha. Having a bonfire is a definite signal that summer is here...even though the weather has been super cool.

The next day, I wanted to check out this new boutique in Picton called Luna, and you guys, this place is so stinkin' cute!! You can see it HERE if you're a local or if you have plans on visiting The County. I love that cute places like this are popping up. My mom bought me a really pretty off-the-shoulder top for my birthday and I can wait to wear it. We did a little more shopping in Picton before we met up with my friend Ashley (from elementary and high school) and her mom at their family's new brewery, Prince Eddy's. It's such a cool brewery - it's got a surfer vibe to it, so there's lots of surfer decor and palm leaf motif. I love it. They just have the one brew right now, but it's really good. I'm looking forward to hanging out there more. We also went to 555 Brewery for pints and pizza after that. I had to go back to Toronto on Sunday and Bryon had to play hockey at night anyway.

All this being said, I don't have many photos for you to look at. Just a couple pics from Prince Eddy's Brewery and the bonfire at my parents'. I am looking forward to this weekend though - I'm going on a Canada 150-themed boat cruise (booze cruise - let's be honest) with a bunch of friends. My blogging will be a little scattered this week as I get back into the routine of things, but you can expect an outfit post on Thursday!

That's it for now!

<3 Caitlin