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I come from Prince Edward County. A small beach town in Ontario that is home to one of the most beautiful fresh water beaches, Sandbanks Provincial Park. With this beach town comes many beach days and opportunities to enjoy the waterfront. PEC (Prince Edward County) is gaining in popularity, so showing up wearing flip flops and a pair of sweatpants cut-off shorts ain't gonna do it anymore. You gotta dress the part. B and I also recently bought SUP boards and will be using those a lot as well, so I'm starting to round up cute beach accessories more than I would have before.

First things first, swimwear is a must. Each year I would go to Victoria's Secret and get a couple bikinis...and we would all look a like on the beach and our friends would never find us, because every girl has the same bikini. VS swimwear is dead, so we can forget that problem. But there is another provider in town that's worth looking into. Especially if you're considering affordable. Adore Me! is a lingerie company and they design their own lingerie so they can provide high quality for lower prices. It's a monthly subscription service offering two options: The first being a VIP membership, offering lingerie starting at $39.95 and every 6th lingerie is free, and the second being a Pay As You Go option. Upon joining, you take a quiz to get your own personalized showroom with lingerie and sleepwear options meant just for you and your style! You also receive a discount and your first order is only $24.95 (whoop whoop!). Annnnnnd they also do SWIMWEAR, and the styles are CUTE. I'll be honest, I haven't purchased anything from them, but I'm curious. Especially considering I'm trying to fill my go-to option, which was VS. They cater to different body types as well, which is awesome. I love THIS one, THIS super chic one-piece and also THIS bikini. JUUUUUUST in case you're looking for a new place to purchase affordable swimwear.

Now...when I go to the beach, there are a few items I NEED to take, aside from downloading a killer playlist on Spotify and bringing along a good book, there's a few other things.

Making sure I'm lathered in sunscreen is extra important. I had skin cancer (yes, the uber-white Canadian somehow got skin can happen to ANYONE) so it's important that I'm protected. I'm really into sun hats right now. I love THIS one because of the cute yellow writing, but I also like the pom pom detail on THIS one.

DO NOT GO TO THE BEACH WITHOUT WATER. You will dry up and die. Just kidding, but you will get dehydrated super fast, which can lead to some pretty risky health problems. I am obsessed with THIS and THIS adorable water bottle. I really love this brand. Admittedly, the nude one with the spikes is my fave. Infuse your water with citrus fruit and strawberries to make it more refreshing and tasty.

A seasonal beach tote is a must. I love THIS one, aside from the fact that it's on sale, it's also so stylish. And if you're going to lay out - you might as well lay out like a boss, am I right? I've always loved fancy towels, so naturally I was drawn to THIS donut one, but if you still wanna be fun without being overly cute-sy, THIS one is great.

When I get home from the beach, I lather up with an aloe-based lotion, and I might do a mask like THIS one if I feel like my skin has been dried out. It shouldn't be sore or burnt!

Below are some extra items in addition to the collage above. I hope some of you are already enjoying a few days at the beach, and I hope I get to enjoy some beach-worthy weather soon too!


<3 Caitlin