Sorry everyone - if you're looking for the typical blogger photo opps from this trip, you're not gonna find it!

I figured I would take the opportunity to finish up my trip to Banff. I wanted to show you guys what you can find on the Glacier Parkway. (And yes, I spent my entire trip wearing sneakers, leggings, beanies and toques.) The Glacier Parkway is a road in Banff National Park that goes into Jasper National Park. It's quite possible the most incredible road I've ever been aside. Aside from the constant avalanche warnings, the scenery is just spectacular. The mountains you see are far better than Banff. I did this roadie with my family when I was 12, but Bryon had never seen any of this before. In 1998 (which is probably when a lot of you were born), I stood on top of the exact glacier I'm sitting on in the image above. I thought it was so cool to be standing on a Glacier. The last time I went, I had no idea I could bring a water bottle and fill it up with pure glacier water, and I did not make the same mistake this time haha. It was so damn crisp hahaha. But seriously, it was as good as water can be.

The Glacier Parkway will take you to stunning blue lakes like well-known Moraine Lake, Waterfowl Lakes, Bow Lake and many others. We wanted to do the glacier first, but we passed so many incredible things, so we made note of each of them so we could stop on our way back. I would have loved to have hike Moraine Lake, but it was frozen and there were pretty bad avalanche warnings.

I really enjoyed being in the car with Bryon and seeing the mountains. We had so much fun together, and there was never a dull moment with the scenery. Not mention, throughout the day it was pretty much a cloudless sky, which made for beautiful photos.

Anyway, I won't bore you with my stories, I'll let the photos do the talking. If you have questions, let me know!

<3 Caitlin

above: our ice bus that took us to the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park

above: super intense decline lol.

above: sipping the fountain of youth.

above: One of two black bears we saw strolling around. We saw another one just outside of Banff village the previous day

above: the Galcier

above: Bryon really excited about the glacier lol

above: This is the Glacier Skywalk. It's part of the glacier excursion with Brewsters. It includes a walking tour, but Bryon really had to pee so we had to move things along lol (They don't have bathrooms at the skywalk FYI)

above: the skywalk is suspended from a cliff, and the floor is glass :)

above: Long-Horn sheep clogging casually clogging the road.

above: Mistaya Canyon - I highly recommend you stop here!! It's absolutely incredible. But be safe!! There are no barriers and the water moves FAST

above: I'm not sure what this river is called, but we stopped here to eat our lunch that we bought at the Glacier centre. I was worried a bear was going to come out of nowhere, so I was pretty nervous. It's pretty flat, so it wouldn't take long for a bear to charge you :|

above: Lower Waterfowl Lakes

above: just some majestic scenery...

above: this was one of the lakes I HAD to stop at. It's called Bow Lake, and my photos do not do it justice. We did a time lapse video here with my GoPro, and while we waited we threw snowballs at each other hahaha.

above: you can see the avalanche lines on the mountain. The hit the shoreline, which is super cool. I'd love to see this lake in the summer, as it's a blue lake.