VIDEO OF OUR BANFF TRIP | weekend post cards

Last week was SO busy for me, hence the many holes of missing content last week. We got home on Monday night, unpacked and relaxed, and then the following night I had to pack and get ready to go NYC on Wednesday. My time in NYC was pretty busy, I had a meeting at the Rockefeller Center, and then I met my friend Jenn for dinner and a boat cruise after. I flew back home on Friday and I was so exhausted.

During the flights I started editing the video from our trip. I know I mentioned I would share my photos all last week, but I was just too busy to focus on the blog. I will do my best to share more, because I do want to show you the photos I got from the Glacier Parkway and Jasper National Park. But you can watch the YouTube video above and see more. It's my first YouTube edit and I had SO MUCH fun editing it. Before I got my degree in sociology, I got a degree in journalism and one of my favourite components of journalism was editing, so it was nice to get back into it. I'll admit that it's a little choppy and probably not my best work, but I gave it a shot. We're looking forward to doing more videos and we're actually considering getting a drone for our New Zealand trip.

That aside, this weekend was very relaxing. I was going to go to my parents' home in Prince Edward County, but I was just too tired. I missed Bryon and the cats and I just wanted to be home. On Saturday, Bryon was hungover because he went out with his colleagues and they basically partied like they all just turned 19 (lol)...Bryon's 35. So, we both needed a solid sleep-in. The extent of our activity on Saturday was taking photos for the blog at Osgoode Hall and going out for dinner.

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I hope you enjoy the video!

<3 Caitlin