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Fellow blogger friends: Do not eat a giant ice cream cone and proceed to take photos for your blog. I was SO silly during this photo shoot. If you follow my Instagram account ( @CaitlinAlison) you would have seen me eating a blue ice cream cone. I found this delicious ice cream place (Fugo Desserts on Dundas - close to Bay Street) that sells this ice cream cone called the cookie monster (I'll include a photo at the end of this post), and anyway I got an intense sugar high. It made it nearly impossible for me to pose for photos, and I ended up frollicking around and acting like a fool. Luckily, Bryon thinks it's cute (or says he does) and tolerated me for 15 minutes to get these pictures. So, I will apologize now for the crappy photos. I'm 32 going on 10 by the way :|

I actually didn't even mean to shoot this look, but after putting the whole outfit together I thought it looked so cute. I really needed new flats, and while these leopard print faux pony hair espadrilles don't necessarily go with everything, they are literally the most comfortable shoes I own right now, so I'm MAKING them go with everything hahaha. I bought them the second I knew they fit. We shot this look on Sunday and the weather was so perfect. It's so exciting not having to grab a jacket on the way out the door. We were so excited we packed up all our winter gear like parkas and boots to make room for summer stuff. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to test our new paddleboards this weekend in Prince Edward County at my parents'...so cross yours for us too!

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Hope you're having a fabulous week

<3 Caitlin

And incase you were wondering about my epic ice cream cone: