MORE THINGS | friyay affordables

Happy Friyay everyone! I'm currently hiking mountains in the Canadian Rockies, but if you're not, I have a list of fun things under $100 USD you can add to your list of cravings.

I don't have a theme again this week. As I mentioned, this week has been hectic and I haven't had much time to put thought into my blog. But i am IN LOVE with everything on this list, so I figured I would share each of them with you too!

First off...THIS DENIM DRESS is my absolute fave right now! I love looks so casual but cute. I also think THIS yellow romper is so fun and cheerful. I am really into yellow right now...I just need a tan. I also thought THIS sweater would be cute, although I feel like I might be swimming in it. hahaha, someone get it so I can live vicariously through you. I really love this FEMME FOREVER tee. My friend and I have another blog, that focuses on encouraging women to take control of their careers - there's a little lifestyle to it as well. I thought this tee shirt would be great, because of my other blog #girlpower.

I'm really into black and white stripes right much that Bryon is probably exhausted with them. However, he does usually point black and white stuff out to me, and he tags me in stuff on Instagram. So naturally, when I saw THESE shoes, I had an OMG moment. I NEED them...NEED. It's not a want, it's a NEED. Of course, THESE earrings and THIS beach bag caught my eyes too hahaha.

Warm weather is here (even in Toronto!). Love THIS heart shaped towel, THESE gold-mirrored sunnies and THESE sunnies. THESE little tassel earrings are pretty cute too. I thought they were pretty and dainty.

There's some other cute items in my photo and that are not pictured, that I've included in the widget below.

Canadian - have a safe and fabulous long weekend! Would love to know what you're up to! Everyone else, have a safe and fabulous weekend :)

<3 Caitlin