I'm starting to get ready for my trip, and this week has been a little hectic so far, so I haven't had much time to put into my blog. So I do want to apologize for the boring low-quality content I've been putting out. Last night, Bryon and I bought paddleboards and the evening before that I met a friend for dinner. So needless to say, the week has been a little cray!​

As I've mentioned, tomorrow Bryon and I are flying to Calgary tomorrow night to meet my best friend in Banff for my birthday. This weekend is the Canadian long weekend, so we have Monday off. I usually like to travel during long weekends because I get that extra day that I don't have to count toward a vacation day at work. The flight is really not that long, so my carry on bag (not my carry on luggage) isn't as full as it would be if I had an 8+ hours flight. Toronto to Calgary is probably 3.5 hours there and maybe 2.5 on the way back. But I do make sure I pack certain things in my carry on to make travelling more comfortable.

I'm not bring my Louis Vuitton on this trip. While I normally use it as a carry on bag, it's a few years old, and I've noticed a little damage to it and I want to preserve it as long as I can. So I did buy a new bag specifically for travelling and I LOVE it. I bought a Tutilo Boost tote that has compartments and it also comes with a chargeable phone charger (because you never when you're going to get stuck on a plane that doesn't have an USB outlet in the seat. This bag is great, and I will link similar styles below. I got this one because it had a zipper compartment as well as a few other compartments.

Follow the post below to see what I pack in my bag. One thing that is missing is WATER. Once I get through security, I was buy Boxed Water at the YYZ airport. Water is so essential when you are flying. You'll also notice thats there are some pills in my bag...they're allergy pills. Because it's that time of year, and we're going to be hiking a lot so I'm gonna need them.

Photos above: I get super antsy on flights. I love being active, so sitting for long periods of time drives me NUTS. To keep entertained, I bring a book and download a few podcasts. Right now, my coordinator at work let me borrow a book from her (we exchange books all the time) and I've really been getting into it, so I'm excited to get in a few hours of reading on the plane. I'm also listening to the podcast S-Town and you guys need to listen to this one! It's really interesting.

I'm travelling within Canada this time, so I don't actually need to bring my passport, but I usually bring it just in case. Also, Banff is a national park. Canada is turning 150 this year, so there's a lot of really cool events happening within the country this year. One of them being all national parks are open to the public for free with the pass I'm holding. We had to order the pass from the goverment, but we're bringing it with us so we don't have to pay entry fees or parking. Which is a huge bonus since we'll be hiking every day.

I have a fear of losing my luggage and not having my make-up and skin products for days. To defeat this fear, I keep a small bag of essentials. From skin product samples (so I don't take up extra space), to my mini airplane kit, sheet masks, and make-up necessities. I make sure I'm covered in the case that there's ever a reason I'm without my luggage. Keep in mind I also bring a small carry luggage piece that has a few changes of clothes and shoes. We do need to bring our winter boots because spring in The Rockies is basically the tail end of winter, meaning it could snow, and it's likely there is still snow on the ground in some areas. I can't fit them in my little pink hardshell carryon, so Bryon is putting them in a larger suitcase.

Everything is easily organized into the bag and there's still room for water and extra snacks for the flight. I'm not bringing my laptop this trip because I don't want the extra weight.

And that's it! That's generally what I keep on me when I'm travelling. The widget below has some similar items I keep in my bag, along with bags that are similar in style

<3 Caitlin