Hey everyone! I am currently flying home from Banff, so I don't have time to do weekend post cards. I want to do a full update on my trip to Banff, however, I have to go to NYC on Wednesday, so I have two nights at home to unpack and pack and spend time with Bryon / get used to the time zone again. So I can't predict when I'll have it ready for you! Tomorrow I'll have some weekend posts cards to show (*I hope) so you'll at least get to see some iPhone pics.

In lieu of the weekend, the other week I went to Sephora to stalk up on some staples that were running low...along with a couple other items I redeemed for points. It's not much for a post, but it's the best I could do for now!

I have a serious issue when it comes to airplanes and my skin. I get off a plane and my face / eyes are puffy and soon enough my skin starts to break out unless I prep it. I already showed you guys LAST WEEK what I do during and after the flight to help my skin, but I also take about a week to prep it. It sounds like a lot of work, but I don't really get breakouts to begin with, and if I am going to get one I absolutely don't want to get one on vacation...or after!

I've mentioned THESE Alpha Beta peels before. They're from Dr. Gross (worst name of life for a beauty product) and they are one of my favourite products. I buy the 5 pack, but I re-use each wipe until it's dried out to get the most out of the product. I would say these are probably one of my biggest defences against breakouts. Sometimes you'll breakout a little at first when you use them, but it clears up quite quickly. I started them last Monday and I flew out on Thursday.

Next, I bought THESE cleansing wipes from First Aid Beauty. These things are expensive. $18 (Canadian) for 25 wipes is honestly ridiculous. And really, I don't use wipes on a regular basis. I keep up with my usual face routine and it works well enough for me. The reason I bought them, I want my skin to be EXTRA clean throughout the week. So before I wash my face, I wipe off as much make-up as I can with these wipes. I really trust this brand, I can't say that the caffeine or matcha does anything - who knows it might, but I am picky about wipes. They're also great for traveling in case you need to freshen up your face in-flight or post flight.

Those are really the two products I add to my routine before I fly somewhere. Of course, it's Sephora and you can't JUST buy went you went in / online for.... I also stalked up on an Anastasia Brow Whiz Pencil. Between this and the Brow Definer, my brows are on point. I never let myself run out either without having a back-up.

I also scored some cool stuff with my point. My all time fave NARS blush in Orgasm - which I told you about before. You need to try it! And also my free birthday gift, which I haven't actually tried yet. But I will let you guys know when I do give it a try. I also grabbed a couple other items, like the Clinque 3 step skin care and Fresh Black Tea Corset Firming Cream, which I've actually wanted to try.

Thanks for being patient with me - I'll have cooler content coming soon!

<3 Caitlin