GOOD VIBES ONLY | weekend post cards

How appropriate is the photo above for a Monday morning post? Friday night Bryon and I went to the Blue Jays game. My friend has season's tickets but she lives in NYC so she really doesn't use them. Which means when her clients or her mom isn't at the game, Bryon and I usually get to go. We love going to the game. We were set on buying these plastic hats / cups that had a giant serving of ice cream in them JUST so we could put the hats on the cats (see photo below). It gave us at least a half hour of entertainment. And the Jays won, so there you go!

Since we're still keeping up with our trying new coffee shops on the weekend thing, we went to Calii Love on King Street West. This place is so cool...the interior is super awesome, very California-inspired (obviously) and they make Poke and Acai bowls, along with other smoothies and super healthy stuff. The coffee was great too, and the motivational slogan on their cups are great. Across the street is MEC, which is sort of perfect because Bryon and I are currently shopping for paddleboards for the summer. We found a pair that we really like, so we're likely going back this week with my car to buy them. Bryon needs to get the roof rack for my car put on first, so it's all dependant on that. But I'm SO excited!! I've wanted a paddleboard for so long. It's such an investment, but there's so much water near us we know we'll get great use of out them.

We also met a friend for dinner. Another friend of ours was visiting from NYC (he's originally from Canada, but works in NYC), and his friend opened up a brewery in Riverdale (east side of Toronto). Riverdale is starting to gentrify, so there's some cool shops and restaurants popping up...sort of bleeding into Leslieville I guess. Anyway, if you live in Toronto, go to Eastbound Brewing Co. Their beer isn't ready yet, but they have a selection of craft taps...but the FOOD....!!!! We pretty much ordered everything on the menu and there wasn't one thing I hated. I will say that the grilled octopus was my fave (and first time trying octopus).

Sunday, I went back home to Prince Edward County to be with my family for Mother's Day. I'm also working at our Prince Edward County office today as well, so it worked out perfectly. It's going to be an extremely busy week for me, because I have a half day on Thursday, so I need to get as much done as possible.

I hope YOU had a good weekend!

Happy Monday

<3 Caitlin

(The black cat is mine...his name is Finnigan and he was sticking out his tongue. I couldn't resist the photo opp. Above is my parents' cat Charlotte looking out the window at my parent's house...and the boat is randomly along the shore because the water level is so high our dock is completely under water hahaha)