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If you came to my blog yesterday, you would have noticed that I didn't have a post...if you follow Luella Pearl avidly. I usually reserve Thursday's for an outfit post, and there's several reasons why there wasn't one. For starters, the weekend was f'ing cold you guys. My cat Finnigan who lives for the moment when we open the door to our balcony so he can plop himself down on the concrete; he refused to go outside. Long story short, I didn't want to be outside. If you follow other fashion bloggers from Toronto, they will likely have the same complaints. So, Bryon and I decided after work on Monday we would take some photos, but then I got a virus, and I ended staying home from work on Tuesday. Needless to say, Monday night I was hardly in the mood for photos. And then yesterday, which would have been my chance to get the photos done, Bryon had his wisdom teeth out (finally...he's 35...) and it was not possible hahaha. So, that's why there's not outfit post.

But I do have a collection of under $100 fun finds. Nothing specific today, just things I found that I put into a random list and thought I would share with you.

First things first, the jeans from the Playgirl post that you guys love so much are currently ON SALE FOR $29. So if you're thinking about getting them, now is the time. They are also a dupe for the Express jeans Emily Gemma, from The Sweetest Things Blog wore...I mean dupe-ish, they're pretty much the same brand.

How cute are these glass charms!? I thought they were so fun and adorable. I share a 780sq. ft condo with Bryon so we're in no shape to entertain, but I would probably just put them on our wine glasses just because I think they're so stinkin' cute.

I've found an old favourite that I randomly stopped using and I have no idea why. I made a Sephora order last week because it's my birthday month and I wanted the free gift (lol), so I bought a bunch of other stuff. I was checking out what options there were for redeeming points, when I saw a mini NARS Orgasm blush for 100 points. I was like, holy crap, I have bought this stuff in ages. You guys, this is basically the universal blush. It looks good on everyone. It's literally the best blush ever, and a cult fave.

THESE sunnies caught my eye. Dunno why...I just dig 'em. When I saw this two-piece outfit (TOP and SHORTS) I knew I needed it. It's such a cute summer outfit. Wear it with sandals...it's a great day outfit, put heels on and you can wear it at night. It's super adorable! I also reaaaaaally love the citrus trend right now, and I thought THESE little espadrilles with lemons on them were super cute.

Making a grey sweatshirt look pretty ain't easy. There are days when I really just wanna wear comfies everywhere, but it's not necessarily acceptable. I think THIS sweater does a great job at making sweats look acceptable in public.

Bryon and I are doing some re-decorating in the condo. Right now, it just doesn't feel good. A lot of dark wood, which is not my style, so we're working on brightening things up with new furniture pieces. It's moving at snail speed right now, but our first task is to get a new shelf. The current shelf is littered with boring medical books that I don't understand or have any interest in. So when we get our new shelf, it's going to have more 'universal' reading on it. Like THIS fashion book, and THESE city guides and I really want THIS beach book - the photographer is amazing! I also thought THIS notebook set was really cute, and I just need new notebooks in general. The quirky side of me thought THIS dog stapler was so fun. I mean, come on, there's a gold wiener dog it! I also thought THIS throw pillow would add a little colour to our place. Bryon will say no, but if you're a girl and you live solo or live with a guy who literally has no say in the decor, please buy it so I can live vicariously through you. Please.

I found THESE near-Jeffrey Campbell shoes at a cheaper cost. They're not wedges, but the chunky heels makes up for it, and THESE pretty flats from Anthropology that I think will get a lot of use in Spring and Summer.

I hope something from list makes you smile or gives you the will to buy yourself a Friday treat! I'm looking forward to a great weekend (now that Bryon is done studying). We're actually going to look at paddleboards this weekend, so maybe I'll leave the weekend $2,000 less in bank account :|

<3 Caitlin