Bryon finished his medical exam on Sunday, and my original plan was to go to Christie Pits to this place called Apiecolypse Now! to get fancy donuts. But Nordstrom distracted me, and by the time I checked out of there, Bryon messaged me to tell me he was finished and asked me to meet him for a drink. So instead while he was at hockey, I made him an easy but tasty treat. I do enjoy baking and I don't mind difficult recipes, but I was crunched for time so I had to come up with something on the fly.

You know those useless wafer cookies from back in the day? Well they still exist, and you can make them taste good by melting chocolate and dipping them into it lol. It's literally as simple as that. But it looks super cute, and it does taste good too. Bryon thought it was nice, and I left him a little message too. I think these would be great for showers or parties, mostly because they're so simple to make, but you can add sprinkles so they match the theme of the party. I used the strawberry wafers with white chocolate...but there's a few different kinds you can choose from and you can try milk or dark chocolate too.

I thought it was a great idea if you're really in a pinch for time. And that's it....that's all you have to do. hahahaha


<3 Caitlin