My birthday is on May 24th and I'm turning 32! Now that I can really say I'm IN my 30's - in the fact that I've had some time to really experience them, I can honestly say that it is not what expected. In fact, it is SO much better than my 20's. I have more money, a much better sense of who I am and the direction I want to take in my life in terms of a relationship, my career and my goals. It's like I had 10 years to make mistakes and have fun without worrying too much about consequences because there was always something to fall back on (Mom and Dad), that by the time I hit 30 I had changed SO much that when I look back on how I felt about these things when I was 21 or even 25 I just think, holy moly I am so happy that I made the choices I did so I could end up where I am now. Your outlook on life changes dramatically as you get to your late twenties, and I think, as a female who has gone through their 20's, most women would agree with me.

With regards to what I want for my birthday. I'm not really expecting anything from anyone. lol. First off, Bryon already bought me a pretty expensive tattoo back in March for my birthday - we got it ahead of time on purpose. We're also going to Banff for the Canadian may long weekend, which is the weekend before my birthday. So that's an expense in itself. My best friend, Christina and I do presents, but she literally lives across the country, so we rarely see each other, and because she's also traveling to Banff, which is the next provence over for her, I don't expect her to buy anything for me either. I also treated myself to a pretty expensive gift, a GoPro Hero 5 Black that I'll be paying off this I'm not really buying anything else. My parents are pretty much at a point where birthday presents are insignificant factor in life right now hahaha...i.e. the price range is low. And I'm totally cool with that. They paid my way through college and university after all! But of course, like any girl, I do have a list of things I would love to have...and it's actually pretty functional!

I'm more interested in staples right now. I really need a black purse that's small. I've always loved Tory Burch and I think THIS one would be perfect. I also need a new 'everyday' bag, and I really like THIS one. I don't have black runners, and I've had my eye on THESE ones, also THESE ones...just because haha. I need a pair of nude sandals, and THESE Steve Madden's are literally perfect. I guess more of a want than need would be Tory Burch flats and my obsession with these white Valentino flats. I mean come on, they're the cutest. But I am really in dire need of a new duffle bag, so if someone bought me this for my birthday, I wouldn't be mad about it hahaha. You can see these and a few other things in the widget below:

But that aside, I have everything I need. At the end of the day, things are just things.

I am doing some traveling. Prior to this year, I would say before June, 2016 I traveled SO much. I was in a plane at least once or twice a month. Part of it was because of my job, the other part was for pleasure. But once I started my new job, I was actually on contract which meant no paid vacation or sick days, so I had to plan vacations around long I really didn't travel much this year. I work as a marketing manager for a luxury real estate brokerage in Toronto, and it's the best job I've ever had. I love the people I work with, I love the experiences and looking at multi-million dollar homes isn't so bad either. My contract was supposed to end in August, and it wasn't set in stone that I would staying with the company, but on Monday last week, they terminated my contract and signed me on full time which was a huge relief for both Bryon and I. Needless to say, as I started to approach the last few months, I was a little stressed and had a few sleepless nights, so you can imagine how happy I was to learn that I wouldn't have to worry about finding a new job come August. So, back to the travel - I am going to Banff next week. Bryon and I will be meeting my best friend Christina and her friend, and her two cousins there. When I get home, I'll be back for two nights before I go to NYC for two nights. I have a work meeting there, and my other best friend, Jenn lives in NYC so I'm staying an extra night and taking Friday off so I can celebrate my birthday with her. She won't be in Canada again until the fall, so I'll be making a few trips there over the summer. So it's going to be a busy week and a busy summer!


In lieu of my birthday and my travels, I wanted to do a giveaway for you guys! I know this blog is still pretty new, but in the short time I've had it, I've collected some really great engaged readers. I appreciate your comments more than you know! So, I'm giving away a Red Eye Pak and a Korean sheet mask for all you travel lovers. I will be doing some upcoming posts about prepping your skin for the airplane, packing etc. So as a little treat, I wanted to give away something I rely on when I travel. Sheet masks are key for me, and THIS little airplane kit is so perfect and great to have on any flight. This is open to Canada and the U.S. only.

To enter all you have to do is the following:

1. Follow me on Instagram @CaitlinAlison

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4. Comment on this blog post and tell me about your upcoming travel plans or somewhere you want to go. (if you participated in the other tasks, make sure you tell me your Instagram name and if you followed me (or already are following me), let me know if you shared on Facebook and what your FB names is and if you tweeted your Twitter handle. You'll get an extra entry for each task you do.

Don't forget, you must be living in Canada or the U.S.

I will announce the winner on Friday in my Friyay Affordable post. Good luck - and thanks for following my blog!!!

<3 Caitlin