SLOANE AND RACHEL | weekend post cards

I don't really have a lot of photos to show for this weekend. Bryon had a two-day medical exam all weekend, so that limited what we could do...which was pretty much nothing. Friday night he was studying and I was getting back from Collingwood. We had a low key Cinco De Mayo celebration at our condo and pretty much went to bed. The next day I went to Zara and bought the whole store, and went home to get ready to go out for dinner. I figured Bryon could use some time to study without me there. My friend Kara made reservations at Baro for dinner and then we had plans to have a drink or two in the lounge above the restaurant. Kara and I went to high school together, but we sort of lost touch because she went to Western and I went to University of Ottawa. But now that we're living in the same city, we reconnected.

The drink or two ended up being a lot of drinks, fake names and jobs and a night that never seems to unwind. Usually when I travel my friends and I do the whole fake bar name and come up with cool fake job...but it's still believable. We took that situation to a whole new level. Kara = Rachel. A flash tattoo designer who is always on the road at festivals selling her flash tattoos. Caitlin = Sloane. An agent for a D.J., who lives in L.A. but is visiting Rachel because they met at a festival years ago and became best friends. So we tried our act on a guy who offered to buy us a drink because he was waiting for his friend (a girl) to arrive. He was cool, and seemed to buy our made up lifestyle, so did his friend. But after several drinks Kara managed to give the guy her number, while I gave my number to the girl because we realized we both were born in 1985 (an exciting discovery at the time). The next morning, my 31 year old body awoke to alert my 31 year old brain that I cannot party like that anymore and expect to feel great the next day. Kara and I exchanged messages about the text messages we received and what we should do about them. Bryon was dying laughing at the situation, and Kara advised to leave it be. We learned a valuable not play this act in our city. We also crashed a 30th birthday party according the photos on my iPhone. I really don't go out that often anymore because my hangovers have gotten absolutely outrageous, but once and a while it is fun to be able to go out. The next morning I paid for it. I met Bryon for a Caesar after his exam...walked in to a table full of doctors discussing the exam while I'm very clearly hungover and wearing a t-shirt that says "Tequila. Beers. Limes. Good times." So that was embarrassing.

But aside from being a rager this weekend, I did enjoy not having much planned. I had a chance to run some errands and actually be at home for once. Other than that there was nothing super exciting to note.

I hope you all had a great tomorrow's blog post has a giveaway!!!

<3 Caitlin