ANCHORS AWAY | fahsion

We went to Prince Edward County last weekend to visit my parents..and for my Nana's 95th birthday. We thought Wellington Beach would be the perfect place to shoot my adorable anchor duster, but once we got out to the beach we realized that I had left the SD card in my lap Toronto. So the quality of these photos aren't great. We decided to shoot the look anyway with Bryon's Samsung phone lol. So I am sorry that the photos aren't amazing.

I flip flop with my style. Some days I'll wearing something really pretty and cute, other days it will be ripped jeans and a t-shirt. I found this adorable (and super soft) anchor duster at Winner's and I loved it. I love the whole nautical look, and the fact that I could wear this sweater casually on the weekends but also at work. This was literally the perfect outfit for visiting the county. I'll admit that the beach was cold AF. Since Mother Nature can't make up her mind, I never know when I'll need a jacket, parka or no jacket at all. This day had a definite need for a jacket, which is why I look like I landed in Antarctica. So if you feel like you wanna hand me a blanket looking at these photos, you're feeling right.

I love Henley tees! I honestly can't remember where I got this one from, but you can get a similar one HERE. They're great for thermal uses (layering when it's really cold out), and I actually think they can look pretty sexy too - I've worn this one out to the bar before with a cute pair of shorts. They're one of those shirts that you find yourself living in and wearing a lot. It's like a multi-use shirt hahaha. Have you guys hear of Hidden Jeans? Neither had I. But I am OBSESSED with my ripped black jeggings that I wore in this post from Hidden Jeans. They are so comfortable and the rips are in the perfect spots. I couldn't find the exact style for you guys, but you can get a similar pair HERE or HERE.

I wish I could find you guys this adorable duster, but I was one of those got it by chance type of deals. I do have some similar options though - including THIS one, I love THIS, and THIS. It was a really cute look, and my glasses actually have UV protection hahaha. I thought they were pretty cute.

If you guys are looking for simiar pieces to create this look, there's items in the widget below this post. I am SO sorry for the low quality with the photos, it was totally my bad :|

<3 Caitlin