Welp, we are happily into May! May is my favourite's the month of my birthday (my birthday is May 24th...yup, May 2-4. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time). The weather sincerely starts getting warmer, there's more sun and the birds are chirping, you can roll down the windows in the car and not have to put your seat warmers on and of course, it's also the month of Mother's Day. I always find it much easier to shop for mother's day gifts over father's day gifts. Mom's are easy because they pretty much like everything you do hahaha. Usually I end up getting my mom some pretty flowers, a nice scarf or a cute bag and then I'll take her for lunch and spend the day with her. I don't live close enough to her that I can see her once a week, so spending time with her is always nice.

My mom is also older, and I know there are a lot of younger mom's out there who can appreciate the little gifts that come with mother's day. Although I doubt many mom's define their relationship as a mother through gifts, it is a nice little way to show appreciation and make them feel special. So of course I put together a blog post with cute little gift ideas I thought would be a nice way to honour the mom in your life. I prefer a few little gifts over one big gift (unless someone specifically asks for one expensive gift) because then it feels like you've collected a few things for them that you knew they would love.

I like including candy with gifts, so I thought these adult gummy bears would be cute. I also LOVE this vase...and maybe it's just a personal preference in style hahaha, but I think the ice cream cone is such a cute twist on a vase. It's a little quirky, but I think it's so cool. Tell me it's not cute...! The whole pineapple trend with cocktails is super fun. I love all the brass pineapple tumblers that are popping up every where, and I thought THIS bottle opener was so classy. It's terrible when you host a dinner party and you pull out the old Corona opener you acquired at a bar while you were in college...or the bottle opener on the top of your cork screw. How cute is THIS beach towel? I think it would be cute if you got two and then whoever she goes to the beach with or lays out by the pool with can have a matching towel. You can also get one that says POOLSIDE too, which I thought was cute.

If you really want to treat your mom, THIS watch is perfect. It's one of those watches that looks great on anyone. It's a minimalist approach to a watch and it can be layered with other pieces of jewelry.

I hope this helps some of you a little while you're looking for the perfect gift. Otherwise, I hope you can find your mom something amazing. Do you have anything planned yet?

<3 Caitlin