BRIGHT WHITES | friyay affordables

I love wearing black, but I also LOVE the look of clean white. It's tough for me to pull it off in the winter, unless I'm fake tanning, because obviously living in Canada we don't get a lot of sun most of the winter. But come the warmer months, white tops and pretty white dresses are always a go to. I've been seeing a lot of really cute whites lately popping up on the blogs I read, and it has me thinking...I need to start adding a little more white to closet. I am sort of clumsy and even when I'm eating (just as Bryon...he notices the spills before I do) so wearing white is kind of a gamble for me. My whites usually don't make it past the 3-month mark, if even hahaha.

So, they fit perfectly into Friyay affordales. makes sense to spend less on things that aren't going to last, am I right? The items in the photo above are linked in the widget below, along with several other bright whites that I thought were super cute.

I hope you're all off to enjoy a fabulous weekend. I just bought the new GoPro Hero5 Black as an early birthday gift for myself. Bryon and I are going to Banff, Alberta (Lake Louise) for my birthday in Mya and to meet my best friend who currently lives in Kelowna and we're also going to New Zealand in September. I thought the GoPro would be great to have. Hopefully I'll have a chance to test it out. Plus the weather was totally warm out!!! 25 degrees...we're getting there. Although it was a little warm for this time of year...still nice to be able to wear a t-shirt outside.

Be back on Monday

<3 Caitlin