COMFORT FOOD | cooking

Sometimes, we all get a little too busy and our schedules get the best of us. In this case, it's been cooking...or rather getting groceries. The past couple weeks both Bryon and I have been getting home late, which has made cooking a good meal really difficult. We both eat really well, but on Saturday night we decided to throw caution to the wind and make some easy comfort food. I rarely request pasta (Bryon is usually the one who cooks) but I wanted fettuccine with real Parmesan cheese, garlic bread and wine. It's not difficult to make, especially when you don't make it from scratch...which is why there's no recipe in this post. Mostly, I'm just posting this because B and I are not always cooking elaborate meals and I'm not baking perfect treats every week. We definitely need those days to totally wind down and indulge. These are actually some of my favourite nights with B. He's a medical resident and I'm a marketing manager still working my butt off to climb up the latter, so relaxing is a nice luxury. hahahaha, it's hilarious because even the quality of these images seem a little lazy (Bryon took them and I actually cropped them a lol) I decided to skip posting a cooking or baking post that was planned out. I would love to know how everyone else winds down or indulges too!

<3 Caitlin