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Happy Monday!

I hope everyong had a fantastic weekend. Our original plan was to go see the cherry blossoms at High Park - but I did a little Instagram research and they weren't quite bloomed to my liking. So we scratched that. I was also ready to get my winter tires taken off my car, but the auto shop that stores them for me were super booked up, so I have to wait until next weekend.

Instead, we slept in on Saturday lol. I had met a friend the night before at this beautiful restaurant called Lena and drank more glasses of wine than I should have, so Saturday I was on the struggle bus. (Over 30 problems..seriously...you twenty-somethings, just wait). Instead we eventually ate breakfast and decided to go to Versus Coffee for rainbow flat whites (photo above). Well, I had one, Bryon decided on a regular one. The colours in my coffee looked so cool. And it was SUPER warm out so we sat outside on their patio eating our avocado toast sipping on coffee. We've been doing this thing where we go to a new coffee place each weekend. There's so many in Toronto. On our way home we stopped off at the flower shop near our condo. We're trying to decide on a plant for our patio. We recently started to decorate it because plan on using it a lot this summer (I'll have a full post on it once it's done), but we want some greenery out there. I'm set on a big rubber plant, so we're going to go back and get one. I love the colour of the leaves and how hearty they are (lol, what am I 90...lol. Can't remember a time when I was so particular about choosing the right plant hahaha) I did buy some beautiful ombre ranunculus. They look like layers and layers of tissue paper. They were too pretty to not have. Although I can't justify the price of fresh flowers every week, once and a while I like to have some in a vase on the kitchen counter. We also made a super delicious dinner and somehow managed to make a Canadian-themed cherry pie (we were ambitious).

Sunday involved a LOT of walking, a few Caesars and beer. It was a serious Sunday Funday. I had never been to St. Lawrence Market, and Bryon hadn't been since he was young. I've always loved markets, and it was so nice out. It was only about a twenty minute walk from our place and it was super nice out, so we walked down there. We actually ended up buying these two maps: One was Australia because Bryon lived there for four years while he was doing med school, and we also bought one of New Zealand too. We just booked our flights to New Zealand for September last week, so we're both really excited. Anyway, the maps are actually over 100 years old, which we thought was super cool, so we're going to buy matching frames for them. We wandered around down to the waterfront, stopping for Caesars - oh, if you're American, a Caesar is kind of like a bloody Mary, exceptt it's made with clamato and it tastes a thousand times better than your gross Bloody Mary's lol. We had lunch and a few pints too. Finally we got tired and called it a day and went home to watch the Leaf's game.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had tons of sunshine wherever you were!

<3 Caitlin

cherry pie

donut touch me mug

flat iron building

(the Toronto 'flat iron' building in St. Lawrence Market)

flat iron building

St. Lawrence Market

Toronto warf