Hello! Hope you're having a fabulous day!

This outfit is one of my favourites! Green has never really been a colour I've ever considered before. As I've previously mentioned, the majority of my wardrobe consists of black..which I'm slowly trying to break up. But Byron saw this vintage playgirl sweater at a vintage store in Kensington, and despite Playgirl's trashy reputation, I actually thought the sweater would be kind of fun to wear. He bought it for me, too :) I put it on and the colour just worked, and I thought it was so cute. We went out to get coffee that morning at a cafe called Versus Coffee in Toronto for their rainbow flat whites (Monday's post), and on our way home we stopped to shoot this outfit in front of a graffiti wall we had spotted a couple weeks ago.

My jeans are awesome...they are a cheaper dupe for the Express (although the Express ones are currently on sale for basically the same price... I mean it really doesn't matter where you get them lol) jeans Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing Blog wore a few weeks ago. I was set on buying the jeans from Express, however, the style is so ripped I knew they wouldn't last me more than a year, and when I found them a little cheaper at American Eagle, I thought I might as well. I have such an issue buying jeans online, and most bloggers don't say what size they buy their pants in and it can be really difficult to know what size to buy them in based on what your fave blogger is I'm going to be real to help a sister out...because I HATE going to the mall to try on clothes. I'm 5'3 and I'm quite small, but I'm a little fluffy over the winter lol. My normal size is a 25, and I ended buying these in a 26 to be safe and I really regret it. They're pretty tight, so I figured the 26 would be more comfortable, but I found they started to get a little loose the more I wore them that day. So buy your regular size, lol. They will stretch out. Bryon LOVES the way these jeans case you're interested in a guy's perspective.

My shoes are from Zara - the ones with the pointed toe. I wish they kept making these because I want them in the nude colour too...but it's a lost cause. Of course, Steve Madden has a similar pair HERE and in nude HERE. It's such a minimalist shoe, which is why I wear them so much. I've gotten a lot of wear out of them. If you need a staple shoe / stiletto, I recommend buying them. And my bag is obviously Louis Vuitton, lol. I actually didn't think Louis Vuitton made this style anymore...but HERE it is! I LOVE this bag, and if you're an avid traveller, this one is great because it has a zipper. So, less worries about losing items.

I've added similar looks in the widget below, and there's more photos to follow!

<3 Caitlin