WEDDING SEASON DRESSES | friyay affordables

It's the time of year we all look forward to...warmer weather, patio season and weddings. I think I love going to weddings if only the fact that it's an excuse to buy a new dress (and maybe a new pair of shoes). I only have ONE wedding to go to this year, and it's actually in New Zealand in September. Unless a surprise wedding pops up out of no where, it's gonna be one wedding-related dress this year (notice how I didn't say one dress this year hahaha).

For those of you who have a ton of weddings or formal events to go to, you're going to thank me for this post. All the dresses in this post are UNDER $100 USD!

I have a few rules when it comes to weddings: no white (unless floral printed like THIS one), no tatas un-tastefully making their way into public eye, and nothing too sexy. I hate raining on the bride's parade, so white is a no-no unless instructed otherwise, and I always remember there is family at the wedding so I keep it tasteful.

Depending on the time of the wedding, it's important to dress appropriate. For day weddings that are not black tie, a girly or flowy short dress will work out. I love THIS one, THIS and THIS. For black tie or more formal, go with something sophisticated and long like THIS or THIS.

Another trick I like to do, is buy an inexpensive dress that has a no frills look to it like THIS dress, and style it with bright shoes or accessories, or bright lipstick. It looks fancy, and you can wear the dress again.

For more ideas, check out the tool below - have a FABULOUS WEEKEND EVERYONE!

<3 Caitlin