Before we start, 1. I am at an all time high of being SO Canadian. My legs are WHITE. I am very excited for more vitamin D. 2. This outfit has been slightly modified. The top portion of the romper is actually much more scandalous - it's little more open. I wasn't totally comfortable letting my tatas out on Easter weekend, so I had surgeon Bryon surture my top. It has one snap on it, and what I plan on doing is sewing on an extra one, I just didn't have a chance before we shot this outfit.

I got this beautiful romper from Goodnight Macaroon. I first saw it and I bought it immediately. I thought the navy lace was so pretty, and I love the the way it looks on. I have worn it out before...when I had a tan, and I looked a lot better lol. But my pale skin doesn't look overly horrible with it. The romper is a little cheeky, but the lace covers it just enough that you're not exposed. If you're used to dressing modestly, you might feel a little uncomfortable at first. But rest assured, I had Bryon do the butt check, and I was good.

This romper is currently ON SALE!! It's under $35 CAD. So, if you're on USD it's pocket change lol. Click HERE, then click on SHOP - ROMPERS AND JUMPSUITS, it's on page 2. This website has tons of cute stuff. I shop from here a lot because they always have a flash sale. I also love THIS romper and THIS one too, if you're looking for something a little different. My shoes are last season Zara, so they're no longer available. My clutch is a cream BCBG envelope clutch. I've linked similar in the tool at the bottom of the post, including THIS one.

I've also added some similar items in the widget below to complete the outfit. And I'm sorry for the lack of greenery in my photos lol. I know it looks pretty grim right now. Ontario is in a transition period between seasons, and it's never a pretty process lol. In a few weeks, the trees should start to bud.

<3 Caitlin