Hellooooooo sunshine and warm weather and the desire to go out for Sunday brunch again!

On Sunday, we woke up to sunshine. I wasn't sure how long we had to enjoy it, but we decided to go for brunch before Bryon went back to sleep (he worked on overnight the night before and had just gotten home). Plus, I had to help my cousin move in the afternoon, so taking advantage of $20 jugs of mimosas was a must! Since warm days are hit or miss these days, I took full advantage of a spring outfit. I really didn't even need my jacket, but I brought it just in case.

I LOVE bell sleeves right now. It's so funny, because back in the 90's when I was in like grade 3/4 bells sleeves were actually a thing. They were a little more dramatic then than they are now, but I think it's hilarious how these things come back in style. I personally love then. I think they're so fun, so I was obviously pumped when they came back in season. As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I wear a lot of black, so I have quite a few pairs of colourful shoes. That's how I add colour to my outfits hahaha. These ones are SO cute. I got them at Aldo last season, so aside from the fact that they cost me less than $100...they're sadly no longer available. HOWEVER, the colour is still hot, and there's lots of styles to choose from. I will admit that mine are in clear need of a good cleaning, so they will be going to a cobbler before I wear them again, lol. Sorry, I had no idea until I saw the photos.

My Tory Burch suede tassel messenger bag was a rare find. I don't even know how this things landed in my hands, because I bought it when I was flat broke. But I saw it and I couldn't resist. Of course, it's also no longer available, and basically considered vintage. It's one of my favourite bags that I own. I did try to find some that are relatively similar to the one I own. Tory Burch doesn't even make anything remotely similar to this one anymore hahaha, trust me I looked!

You can shop the look in to tool above, and scroll below for more photos!

Have a most excellent rest of the week everyone!

<3 Caitlin