SOLES FOR SPRING | friyay affordables

Getting your feet ready for warmer weather? Me too!! aside from regular pedis, I do like to update my footwear. I usually retire sandals were over-worn the previous spring and summer and replace with new one. This year i need to replace my low-cut Chucks (my high-tops are still great), and I'll be picking up a couple heels and wedges too! As I started my search I realized I found a handful of affordable summer shoes, and I thought it would be great to share them in today's Friyay Affordables...because I'm going to assume all of you are looking for at least one pair of some sort of summer / spring shoes.

The blue Sam Edelman's are SO freaking cute! I can't get over that electric blue colour. I wear a lot of black, so shoes are usually where I bring in some colour, and these are perfect. Plus, the heel is chunky which means they'll be great walking shoes ;)

If you haven't already noticed, I have a slight obsession with Nike Roshe sneakers. There's several reasons: 1. If you've ever tried them on, or own a pair, you'll know that the inner sole is ribbed and almost massages your feet. 2. They come in the yummiest colours (Um, these pink ones!) and designs, like the cute colours in the collage. and 3. They look great on the street not just in the gym. I LOVE wearing them with leggings and skinnies to get weekend coffee. I can still be comfy and look like I'm not hungover from the night before.

I have a huge fashion crush on sandals that bring a little something extra to the table. Pom poms and cute stitching, tassels, extra strappy, or little studs. Summer outfits can be so casual, or plain even and if you're wearing sandals that have a little something to catch the eye it just makes everything look so much better.

I do love wearing heels in the warmer months, but I love my flats too. How adorable are these flat espadrilles with little blue vespas on them! I can't handle their cuteness!! If you're looking for flats that are more fancy, THESE ones are SUPER cute...the ribbon is so sweet.

I've been seeing a lot of mules lately on my favourite blogs. I think they're great. I can almost guarantee Bryon is going to tell me their ugly...but on a cooler day when you have to wear jeans, I think THESE would look so cute. PLUS, they have the chunky heel too, so...comfort. It's important.

The ones in my collage are in the tool above, but of course I've found other styles that I love that are similar styles. You can view these in the tool below, although not all of them are under $100 USD. I did my best lol.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! It's a little rainy here today (I ended up sleeping in) but it's better than snow, right!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.

<3 Caitlin