KING AND QUEEN | weekend post cards

warehouse on queen

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

We didn't really go anywhere this weekend, but Bryon was off, so we had the weekend together. On Saturday we lounged around for several hours after sleeping in. Normally I would say this is a complete waste of the day, but it's still pretty cold out and it was sort of dreary so I didn't really care. I worked on the blog and relaxed.

When we finally decided to come out of hibernation, we went to El Furniture Warehouse on Queen. This place is notorious for its Toronto hipster environment and their selfie mirrors in the bathrooms (the selfie above). The food is all $4.95 and it's delicious and regular portions. No idea how they get away with it. They have two locations in Toronto, but they also have one in Ottawa as well. It was actually a really fun spot and luckily we didn't have to wait in line - which was pretty amazing, considering that every time you go past this place, it doesn't matter what time it is, there is always a healthy line-up of hipsters and millennials waiting to get in.

My friend was home - she works on some billionaires yacht all over the world. She got a vacation, and since I rarely see her, I deccided to join the girls for drinks last night. We went to Belfast Love on King Street. It was CRAMMED. I don't really go to clubs often anymore - partly because I hate wasting money on alcohol - I would rather have one or two really nice cocktails or a glass of wine than an endless evening of vodka sodas. However, it was really great to go out with the girls and catch up.

Sunday was Sunday! Breaksfast and coffee at home with Bryon and my hockey game in the afternoon.

I hope you have an awesome week wherever you are!

<3 Caitlin

(above) sneak peak of an upcoming post!

(above) my girlfriends and I at Belfast Love