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I did a post a few weeks back about skin care in your 30's. Let's be real, most bloggers out there are in their twenties. When I first started blogging I was also in my twenties (I had a few other blogs before this one) and now, most of us are getting older and so our skin care has likely changed. But as I noted in my blog post, skin care is super important if you want to look good as you age. You can absolutely apply any of my routines to your twenties.

Something that I've always noticed about my skin is that sometimes it sort of goes through a funk and becomes a little lack lutre. I usually notice this n between seasons. My skin sort of gets fed up with whatever that season puts it through. Since it's spring, I started a sort of skin care detox. I add new products to my existing routine and start doing a few extra steps for a couple weeks. I've doing this one for over a year now and it makes such a difference on my skin. I look brighter and people notice it. I thought I would share what I do and the products I use.

I love my favourite cleanser, Philosophy, Purity, but sometimes switching up your cleanser can help your skin out. Whenever I place an order from Sephora, if there's a First Aid Beauty sample I choose it. I LOVE this brand. I use the moisturizer all the time, but my second favourite cleanser is THIS one. I tried it when I visiting my best friend in Kelowna, and I really loved it. I used my sample when I switched up my skin routine for my 'cleanse'. You'll find it works just as well, and it's actually a little more moisturizing in my opinion.

These mini chemical peel (these are MUCH less aggressive than an actual chemical peel - they've since re-branded them to call them a daily peel) wipes are the best thing ever. I've been using these for over a year. I recommend starting with the five pack (I usually buy the five pack) to try them out. I've only purchased the one-month pack ONCE. The one-month pack in more expensive, but you may want to do them for an entire month. If you're skin is really suffering the one-month is a great option, but I find the 5 day version is perfect for me. I love them. This is the product that's going to get you compliments. It removes texture from your skin and totally brightens your complexion. I would say anyone over 25 would appreciate them most. I will say you need to give them a chance, because they do bring impurities to the surface and could give you a slight break out after a few days of using them, but once is clears up you'll find it was totally worth it. I also got a tip from one of the girls at Sephora that will save some money. After you use each wipe once, fold them back up and place them back inside their packet and use them again the next night. As long as they still have their moisture, you can use them :) Anyway, you all need to give these guys a try and then thank me after hahaha.

I mentioned this Glam Glow mask in my other post, but I wanted to bring it back because I do use this mask more frequently when I'm detoxing my skin. Moisturizing is essential for your skin - regardless of breakouts and oily skin, you still need it. I love this mask and I use about once a week to make sure my face is totally hydrated at the end of each week. It's a great mask.

Another mask I love is THIS sheet mask. I usually do this when Bryon is working nights so I can spare him my Phantom Of The Opera look. But a glass of wine and an episode of Scandal and a sheet mask, and you have yourself a nice little relaxing solo girls night lol. Or invite a friend over to enjoy it with you. This mask leaves my skin hyrdrated, smooth and it doesn't make my skin break out. So it's a fave of mine.

Eye masks are something I'm hooked on right now. To be honest, I thought they were a waste of money at first, but then I tried THIS one and I'm obsessed. These actually make a difference. And anyone can use them to make a difference. I WISH these were around when I was a university student who was busy partying and studying and cheerleading sans sleep. HA, would have been a life saver for sure! You can get them at Sephora too! If you use them with THIS eye cream during your detox your eyes will look extra fresh and bright. I think they're great before a night out or an event.

And lastly, who doesn't love Biore pore strips? I've using them since they first came out (YEARS) lol. I don't use them all the time because I think they're a little harsh on the skin, but a couple times during your detox will help with reducing texture and open up your clogged pores. Plus, they are really satisfying to use as gross as that sounds. If you want something more high end, you can get the boscia ones, but they're more expensive.

This is what I do to help reset my skin and get it looking brighter again. Winters are especially harsh on my skin. Canadian winters are never just cold, they're everything. Mild, cold, damp, dry etc. so that's a lot of different conditions affecting my skin. I'll use these products for about 2-3 weeks and then go back to my usual skin routine. I also continue my regular skin routine while doing my detox / reset.

And finally - make sure you are drinking a lot of water and exercising. Not just when you are giving your skin extra care, but always. I can tell you now, that nothing will make your skin look as good as drinking enough water and exercise does.

I hope this is helpful for some of you! You can SHOP THE POST at the bottom of this blog, and let me know what skin products you love!


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