PALM SUMMER | lust list

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In case you haven't noticed, palm leaves are in. They're showing up everywhere: on wallpaper, on interior fabrics, swimsuits and clothing. I love it. I think it instantly makes me think hot, luxurious vacations. If you read my blog, you're aware that Bryon and I live in Toronto. The concrete jungle of Canada. The closest we'll get to feeling like we're on a hot luxurious vacation in this city is perhaps Lavelle in the summer. So, palm leaves on our clothes seems to be a good solution until we actually purchase plane tickets to Mexico or the likes.

#2 is actually a two piece outfit, the top is HERE and the shorts are HERE. I love the HAT, except I'm a tiny person, and so is my head. It's rare for me to find a hat that actually fits the circumference of my head. It's a sad reality I face every summer. To make up for it, the palm tree earrings and sunnies make up for it, almost. But I do hope that one of you are able to wear the hat, because it's too cute to pass up this summer.