MACARON DAY & DINNER AND A MOVIE | weekend post cards

Hello everyone! Happy Spring!

I hope you are all off to a fabulous week. As I mentioned on Friday, my weekend was going to be super boring, so I really don't have that much to show and tell. Friday night was St. Patrick's day and Bryon had to work overnight. To kill my boredom I decided to go out with some friends from work who are younger than I, and well....let's just say your hangovers get a thousand times worse with age. hahaha. Saturday morning I woke up understanding why I rarely party anymore.

That aside, Saturday was actually a great day. Once Bryon woke up / once I finished nursing my hangover with pj's and water on the couch, we went out for dinner to this place called Piano Piano in Toronto. We both love trying new places and Toronto has such amazing restaurants it's almost a sin to go to the same place twice. Piano Piano is Italian and has a beautiful interior. It's all black and white with pretty painting and floral wallpaper on feature walls. The food was also SO good. I was so involved in my pizza I didn't try Bryon's ravioli, but he insisted it was amazing and the perfect portion. If you're looking for something new to try, go here.

After dinner we went to the Carlton Cinema for a movie. Not that Bryon and I are penny pinchers or anything, but when you go to a movie theatre you're looking at spending anywhere between $60-90 for two people. I don't mind spending that money on a movie I really want to see (like Beauty and The Beast for example ) but when it's a just going for the sake of going to the movies situation, that's a lot of money on a movie and popcorn! The Carleton Cinema is a no-frills movie theatre downtown on Carleton street. Bryon and I have walked by it a few times and always wanted to check it out, so we decided to go after dinner. The theatre we were in was small, the screen was small, the sound wasn't what you would get at a major theatre but it was PACKED. I don't think there was a seat left in there. I think they have 9 theatres in total. Anyway, we watched a thriller and everyone in the theatre really got into it. I'll be honest, it was the best movie experience I ever had. In total for Byron and I we paid $35. Movie tickets and snacks combined. It was so great.

Monday was macaron day hahaha. Naturally I went to Nadege on Sunday to get some for Monday's dessert after dinner. I had to stay at my parents' in Prince Edward County because my work has an office there and I worked out of it on Monday. The macarons were delish - my fave was the champagne one.

Have a good week everyone!!!