Remember when you were a kid and your mom packed your lunch? That was the best.

As an adult, I've become less than careless with bringing lunches to work. Before I put effort into what I was packing for lunch, I usually ended up buying my lunch and eating unhealthy, or I would pack a lunch that wasn't healthy. Since I've been working out more to get back in shape for summer, my work lunch habits needed to change too. So I decided to pack lunches like a kid again. I'm a snacker so a bento box-style lunch is perfect for me. It lets me sample different foods, and it's actually pretty fun to make the night before.

Since doing the whole bento box thing, I've stayed full and satisfied throughout the day, without feeling the need to get something sweet. I've also been able to avoid office sweets too! Bento boxes are becoming popular for school-aged kids (just check Instagram) but I'm totally on board with it. I've noticed my workouts starting to kick in, and as many of you know, you have to eat properly for it to really make a difference. At first when you look at it, you think there's no way this is enough food to last me all day. But it totally is.

The trick is to get all your food groups in order. If you can include one each day that's awesome. Although it is difficult I'll admit. I always train to aim for a fruit or vegetable (or both) a protein and a grain and sometimes dairy.

Check out some of my bento box lunches below. I got my box at Bed Bath and Beyond, but there are tons of different options out there. Seriously, just Google bento box lunch box.

I hope this inspires you to eat better at work. Trust me, I know how annoying packing a lunch is. But if you do it the night before, it becomes routine and you'll stop buying takeaway during work hours.