GETTING INKED | weekend post cards

It was another crazy-busy weekend. My friend Cristina visited from Ottawa, and I wanted to go back to Blue Mountain to get in another day on my board before the weather gets too warm (although we're currently getting 25cm of I type this.) Cristina snowboards, and she and Bryon were troopers and helped me work on my skills - although I will admit I went into lame-mode and got frustrated before the end of the day and started apres early. Plus I had an housewarming party (that ended up being canceled) I needed to get home for. It was absolutely FRIGID on Saturday, my lips are paying for it now. I cannot stress enough how freaking cold it was. You could have put me in a restaurant style deep freezer and I would have felt warmer. The wind was also pretty strong, and the hills were mostly ice - but hey, I did it! Although the housewarming party was canceled, we did end up going out for drinks and appies. Bryon and I have been driving past this place called Wickson Social in Toronto. It's a pretty quiet street, so I'm sure it gets overlooked. It was actually really cool - they had great cocktails and I was pretty happy with the food. Plus we had a Scottish guy with a full on red beard serve us and he's was pretty cool. I recommend giving it a try if you come or live in the city.

On Sunday I had a hockey game in the evening, so Bryon and I spent the morning / afternoon together. He's buying me a new tattoo for my birthday, and because my birthday is in May he suggested I get it early because we're going away for my birthday. Tattoos take quite a bit of time to heal, and it's best to keep them out of the sun - especially within the first few weeks. So we went to Chronic Ink in Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton and booked it! I'm so excited to get this tattoo!!! I can't wait to see the artists sketch, and my mom is going to be SO pissed for the 7th time hahaha. After that we walked up Yonge Street to this place called Himalayan Java Coffee...if you live in Toronto and you like coffee, you need to go here. They do the coolest (and cutest) coffee art I've ever seen.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to warmer weather and going outside more. We've done a lot this winter, but we're at the bitter end and I'm tired of wearing tights with my dresses and boots to work. So here's hoping this is the last of the snow!

Have a fabulous week....

ps tasty recipe coming tomorrow!!!


(above) this was Friday night. Bry and his crew chillin'. (disclaimer: my cat is on a diet...)

(above) I could pass for a 13 year old boy in this photo.

(above) I want to apologize for the photo quality...thanks Bryon. These are my friends Cristina (left) and Jenn (right)

(above) bringing myself to drink my concerned and upset coffee wasn't easy. Bryon's was so adroable too!